High Winds, Scattered Power Outages Reported

High Winds, Scattered Power Outages Reported (Crystal A. Proxmire, Feb. 19, 2016) Waterford, MI – Wind storms with some lightning blew though Oakland County Friday night, sometimes reaching in the 30-40 mph range. Pockets of power outages happened through the area according to the DTE website. As of 11pm, Waterford, Clarkston and Ortonville had the…

Transformers Explode in Royal Oak, Power Outages Reported (video) UPDATED

Transformers Explode in Royal Oak, Power Outages Reported (video) UPDATED (Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 21, 2015) Several explosions happened in Royal Oak near 11 Mile and Campbell.  Originally this was reported to be a series of electrical transformers blowing.  The City of Royal Oak later released a statement saying “DTE reports: Our System Operations Center…

Wire Down at 9 and Hilton, 1713 Without Power

DTE Crews are on the scene at E. 9 Mile and Hilton where a downed wire has knocked out power to approximately 1713 customers. Crews are working quickly to get power turned back on as quickly as possible, but an official estimate has not been obtained. (ie, after half an hour of getting nowhere on DTE’s website or phone line we gave up. Seriously though, it looks like they’ve got it under control.)

Get Your Note Where You Vote

“Get Your Note Where You Vote! is just part of the communications plan,” said McGrath. “We encourage our residents to review our website for great information. Talk to your neighbors. If they don’t have access to a computer, offer the information you have found or encourage them to go to the Library to use a computer. Preparing for and communicating during an emergency relies on the entire Community, we can’t do it ourselves.”

Power Outage Could Last Until Thursday Night

Power is out for over 5,000 area residents as heat and over-use has overloaded the electrical grid in the area. Outages have been reported in patches throughtout Metro Detroit, with areas along Woodward Ave. being most affected in our city. According to the DTE Website: “Based on crew availability, the number of customers out and current weather conditions, we anticipate that your power should be restored between Thu Jul 21 2011 09:30 PM , and Thu Jul 21 2011 11:30 PM. ”