Floods, Basements, Power Lines & Other Rainy Day Concerns Addressed

Floods, Basements, Power Lines & Other Rainy Day Concerns Addressed (City of Ferndale Press Release, Oct. 28, 2015)   Metro Detroit’s spring and summer rainy season can cause a lot of concern among residents, particularly after last August’s catastrophic flood. Though Ferndale and surrounding communities have seen several significant rainfalls this season, the news so…

Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge to Consider Shared Fire Services Agreement

The City of Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge are one step closer to continuing shared fire services. The City of Ferndale will be bringing forward a request to approve a contract with Pleasant Ridge for a continuation of the current agreement to provide fire protection and ambulance service at the Ferndale City Council meeting on Monday, February 13, 2012 and Pleasant Ridge will follow the day after on Tuesday, February 14 at their commission meeting.

Council Votes to Oppose Redistricting Bill

Therefore Be it Resolved that this City Council in the strongest terms vigorously opposes this last minute partisan attempt to impose new state rules on our county that removes local control, negates the actions of county voters, forces a new system of redistricting without our consent and places the ability of drawing new county commission lines in the very hands of the current sitting majority county commissioners which is unfair, unethical, and possibly illegal, and we call on the Michigan Senate and the Governor of the State of Michigan to oppose this bill.”