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“Galloway and Collens law firm has advertised in the Oakland County Times for many years.  We track our website performance using a variety of analytic tools and the Oakland County Times is consistently among the three highest referring sources to our website.  Google of course is the top referring website.  We are very satisfied with the return on our advertising dollars spent with the Oakland County Times.”  ~Scott Galloway, Galloway and Collens

“I value OC Times because Crystal is so personable and easy to work with.  She helps you understand what you need to know to get the best out of your sponsorship and makes sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  She is also present at many events and covers all the major (and some not as major) events that are happening in our community-and when she cannot be there she is always willing to get pictures and stories from those who were there!  She is always looking for the positive in her stories- to highlight what is going on that is uplifting- it is so refreshing to read something that is not all doom and gloom or pointing fingers.    The OC Times is for sure worth what we spend in sponsorship! ” ~Nick Klempp, Downtown Holly

“Our real estate team has had great success in partnering with OC Times. Like their readers, I value the coverage of local stories, news and businesses, the stories that are often overlooked by regional and national coverage. Because their coverage is hyper local, just like our business, we are able to reach their readers who are most likely our target customers. The affordable and frequent ad placement offered by the OC Times has allowed us to gain the valuable mindshare of readers in the real estate category.” ~Jim Shaffer, Realtor

Readership and Demographics:

131,000 monthly visits by over 70,000 readers, resulting in 782,000 page views, and 7,500,000 hits.

Oakland County Times reaches people of all ages.  Of adults age 25 and up, each decade’s age bracket has approximately 20% of the readership, including 65+ all together.

Our readership is split rather closely between female and male, with women making up 53.78% of the readers.

Our website has reach throughout Oakland County. Currently there are two communities that have “focus community” status – The Ferndale Area and the Holly Area.  In other communities we are growing as we can, including candidate interviews with anyone running for any office in Oakland County and our popular Reporter Food series.

Banner Ad:

8in by 2in mixed into stories throughout the course of the month.

Warm Up Pkg. $95/mo


This is a great way to show a little love and be part of the site.  Listing on sponsor page plus one ad placement per week.
Single $175/mo


(28% savings!)

Listing on sponsor page plus your ad rotated into stories throughout the month. Advertiser may also post in our Facebook News groups once per week.
Double $300/mo


^ but with double the amount of placements
Triple $475/mo


^ but with triple the amount of placements


The number of placements varies depending on the number of stories and advertisers. Ads are clickable to the link of your choosing. Annual plan rates apply only if full payment is made or if advertiser enrolls in autopay. We can create the ad for a $50 design fee.

Section Sponsorships:

We also offer section sponsorships which have various features and benefits.   Sections include the Event Page, the Explore! Section, Community Organization Guide, Reporter Food, and Jobs.  Special section sponsorships are $550 per month

Other Ads and Services:

Job Listing – $35 for one post that will be included in the job section and shared on social media.

Ribbon Cutting photos and story – $250 (or $150 with annual advertising purchase), includes up to two hours at event.  Extra time can be requested at $35 per hour.

Business profile – Includes interview, photography and writing that may also be used on your website, social media etc, and will appear on Oakland County Times as a paid profile.  $250

Retail Photo Guide – One of our photographers will come to your store and do a series of pictures for a story that you can also use for your social media or website.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Holiday Shopping, Business Anniversary or Grand Opening, etc.  $150 (or $95 for annual advertisers)


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