Why Advertise on Oakland County Times?

Community Benefits:

~ Local news, features and resources

~Community event page (sponsored by Jim Shaffer and Associates Realtors)

~Nonpartisan candidate interviews

~ Online Community Forums

~First-hand local restaurant reviews (sponsored by White Castle)

~Award-winning investigative journalism

~Training for student writers and interns

~Journalism that helps make communities better

~A commitment to telling a variety of stories that help to inform, inspire, and connect our readers


paywalls, clutter, punditry or spin, comments, clickbait, drama or sensationalism


Sponsorship Benefits:

~ Consistent advertising on stories that attract local readers.  A six month average showed 138,000 visits to the website each month.  The daily visits averaged 8,200.  Because we don’t engage in clickbait, our readers tend to be local people with an interest in something going on in their community.

~Our website goal has long been to have a known presence county-wide by 2020 and solid news coverage for every city, township, and village by the end of 2025.  In spite of the pandemic, we are on our way to reaching this goal.  We’re happy to talk with you about the areas you want to reach.

~ Supporting local journalism is a great way to show support for things happening in the community.  There are lots of great groups, events, and efforts, and your business can be on the same pages as we promote these things.

~Ads can link anywhere you’d like.  Advertisers are welcome to use a tracking link if they would like.  All ads are jpgs with links which helps in avoiding ad blockers.  We hand place the ads in stories that make the most sense for our advertisers.

~We can design ads, or the advertiser can. Advertisers can have up to three images at any time, and ads can be changed as needed through the year.

~ Advertisers with at least a one year plan can take advantage of our network of local Facebook groups by posting up to twice per week in each group.  We have “news and event” groups in the following cities: Clawson, Farmington and Farmington Hills, Holly, Huntington Woods, Rochester/Auburn Hills Area, Pontiac, Berkley, Royal Oak, Birmingham-Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Novi, Waterford, and Madison Heights.


Ad Plans:

To keep things simple we have one ad size – a 12 by 3 banner, and low-cost one year plans. Advertisers can pay at once, or set up automatic monthly payments with a $5 per month processing fee.

Ads appear at the top and bottom of stories, plus in the middle, and in the middle of pictures as people scroll through.  They appear on stories and sometimes on pages (like the Event Page).  Ads are hand placed into stories so we can focus on areas that are best for our advertisers as we can, with each advertiser getting a portion of the placements. The number of placements varies each month based on the number of stories, the length of stories, and the number of advertisers.

Single Placement

$1,500/1 full year

Double Placement

$2,950/1 full year

Triple Placement

$4,500/1 full year

Special Section Sponsorships

$5,400/ 1 full year

Our special section sponsors bring stable funding to our website while supporting work in a specific area. Potential sections include:  Explore!, Jobs, Community Groups, Art and Music, or other ideas you may have that would be of interest to our readers.

Short Term Advertising

We also offer short term advertising for those who want to try it out.  This is also a great option for advertising special events, candidates for office, ballot initiative ads, hiring ads, etc.  The cost is $250 per month for single placement.

Additional Services

Ribbon-cutting photos and story, $250

Business Profile, $250

BOSS Interview, free to one-year advertisers, otherwise $250

“15 Things” Feature, photo-story of items in your shop for holidays or other themes, $250


To make a one time payment or to set up monthly payments, use PayPal.

Monthly payments must be on auto pay, and there is an $5 per month processing fee.



Crystal A. Proxmire, Editor & Publisher

Oakland County Times

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(248) 259-8961 (email preferred)