More Room to Revel at DIYSF 2012

“DIYSF, as an event, hit the ground running 5 years ago with threads crisscrossing through it that caught more and more momentum in each passing year. Just as the artists hone their skills we are consistently doing the same,” said Chris Johnston, event founder and co-owner of Woodward Avenue Brewers, The Emory and The Loving Touch establishments near the event site. “I think we’re going to show a lot of people a great time in Ferndale again this September.”

Car Thief Speeds Off, Crashes and Flees with Baby in His Arms

After bringing the car to a stop at 8 Mile / San Juan, Reed then accelerated and sped though Detroit side streets to escape the officer. Reed ran through stop signs, sped, and lost control and crashed at Pennington / Pembroke. When Reed emerged from the car, he was carrying a 21 month old baby boy in his arm. Reed ran from police while carrying the baby.

Ferndale from 1350 Feet Above

This weekend The Ferndale 115 News got a special view of our fair city, from 1350 feet above in a Cessna airplane thanks to retired Ferndale Police Chief Mike Kitchen and his pals at the Warren Flying Club.
Here are some of the best pictures taken from inside the tiny airplane. In the coming weeks we will also post our pictures from Detroit and St. Clair, plus Dream Cruise photos from our neighbors to the north.

Come Geek Out at the Library on September 15

The awareness campaign (launching Saturday, Sept. 15 inside the Ferndale Library from 12 – 4 pm) features social networking elements, various Geek-propping paraphernalia (Geek Portraits/Geek Temporary Tattoos/personalized Geek Buttons), a What-Do-You-Geek sign-up-board and grassroots community initiatives aimed at drawing attention to the need for increased library support.

Jim O’Donnell ~ School Board Candidate 2012

Ferndale Public Schools and its leaders are at a crossroads. One road leads to active engagement by the School Board and better schools for our children. The other road is the path we are on, one of complacency and no clear direction.

I am running for a position on the Ferndale School Board because I choose the first road for my district and my children. I choose to face and acknowledge our challenges as a community. I choose to engage others within the District in my search for solutions