March 24 – Waterford Parks and Recreation Job Fair

March 7th 2020

Waterford Recreation Center 5640 Williams Lake Road.

March 21 – Black Panthers/Gray Panthers – Who Knew? Presentation

March 7th 2020

Sherry A. Wells, Gray Panthers Board member, and actor Kennie KB Bowles present…

March 16 – Holly Township Hosting Citizens Academy CANCELLED

March 7th 2020

Citizens will get a behind-the-scenes look at operations, have a chance to give feedback…

March 14 – Conversation about Marijuana Ordinance in Ferndale CANCELLED

March 7th 2020

Council Member Greg Pawlica and Ferndale Planning Manager Justin Lyons will be Kat’s guests to help provide historical context and field questions. 

May 31 – Ferndale Community Concert Band Performance

March 7th 2020

Concerts take place on Sundays at 3pm. in the auditorium at Ferndale High School, 881 Pinecrest.

Reporter Food: Little MO in Downtown Pontiac

March 6th 2020

For me it was a trip back to the tastes of childhood with the “Best of What’s Around Burger,” made with freshly ground venison…

Holocaust Survivor Edith Maniker’s Story Helps Others Glimpse the Horror of Genocide

March 4th 2020

“I was seven years old. I have never been able to get that picture out of my mind,” said Edith Maniker as she told..

Deputies Learn of Hatred, Propaganda, & Complacency in Holocaust…

March 4th 2020

One example is the way propaganda and stereotypes are used not only to insult people, but to dehumanize them and to simplify a narrative. 

County Divided on Transit Issues as HB 5550 Dies in Legislature

March 4th 2020

For residents in Oakland County, the fondness for public transit depends largely on where people live.

Reporter Food: LaBotana in Troy

March 3rd 2020

They feature “family recipes directly from Guanajuato, Mexico,” which include fajitas, homemade tamales, fresh made salsa, chorizo and more.