FERNDALE VIEW: Corporations are not People

January 27th 2011

Corporations aren’t people. We all know that. But in last year’s Citizens
United decision, the Supreme Court gave corporations the same First
Amendment rights as you and me. The result was record breaking spending by
giant corporations to try to buy our elections.

SOAR Meeting to Help People “Get A Job”

January 27th 2011

The South Oakland Area Republicans (SOAR) is opening their Feb. 3, 2011 meeting up to anyone who would like to come and learn more improving their chances of finding employment. Their “Get a Job” Workshop will feature experts in the area of job hunting, including Ferndale Career Center Career Workforce Development Counselor David Straka.

FERNDALE VIEW: My Birthday Bang, CPL Training in Ferndale

January 26th 2011

When my husband first mentioned he was going to take a Concealed Pistol Liscense, CPL, Course, I didn’t think twice about it. When he mentioned he wanted me to take it with him….on my birthday…I asked “Why would I do that?” …

Switch-a-roo: Coulter & Covey…

January 25th 2011

Leadership in the City of Ferndale has taken an interesting twist. Craig Covey (former Mayor, now County Commissioner) has seemingly switched spots with Dave Coulter (former County Commissioner, just appointed Mayor). The switch-a-roo, which came about after a series of steps that could not have been planned if they tried, is only one of many coincidences in the lives of these two community leaders.

Free Animal Control Service by County…

January 24th 2011

Oakland County is in the process of revamping their Animal Control Division to account for an expected increase in cities using their services. The massive restructuring has come about due to officials in Ferndale learning that 39 communities have been enjoying service from the County for free, while 22 municipalities have been managing it themselves at their own expense.

Best-Selling Irish Author John Connolly to Speak at Ferndale Reads

January 24th 2011

The Ferndale Public Library will welcome its first international best-selling author as a keynote speaker the evening of March 29, 2011, when Irish author, John Connolly, will come to discuss his book, The Book of Lost Things.

What Will Wollenweber Do?

January 23rd 2011

Mark Wollenweber is giving up two weeks of basking in the sunshine of Florida, to temporarily handle the municipal administration of Ferndale, in what are certainly the city’s coldest months – literally and politically.

Do you recognize this house? Search for historic site…

January 23rd 2011

As the Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce begins their 75th year, Executive Director Jennifer Roosenberg is searching for clues about the organization’s past. In particular she is searching for an historic home, presumably in Ferndale, that was the first official office of the business-advocacy group.

Starting the Year Off with Passion

January 22nd 2011

Jodi Knittel is the queen of passion. She has figured out her goals in life and paved the way for others to do the same. Earlier this month she launched Tangerine Road, which is her vehicle for helping others move ahead.

Potential Donors Get Answers from Affirmations

January 22nd 2011

Longtime Affirmations volunteer, and Board President from 2008-2010, George Westerman has taken on the task of leading the “Campaign for the Future,” a drive to raise the $1.25 million needed to give Affirmations a strong balance sheet and capital structure. Thus far the campaign has raised $540,000, although only $350,000 has been collected.