Huntington Bank Robber also Hit CVS in November

January 18th 2012

Surveillance photos show that the same person who robbed the Huntington Bank on Jan. 13th also attempted to rob the CVS at 900 West 9 Mile and Pinecrest on November. Attached are the best photos I have, from each robbery.

Wire Down at 9 and Hilton, 1713 Without Power

January 17th 2012

DTE Crews are on the scene at E. 9 Mile and Hilton where a downed wire has knocked out power to approximately 1713 customers. Crews are working quickly to get power turned back on as quickly as possible, but an official estimate has not been obtained. (ie, after half an hour of getting nowhere on DTE’s website or phone line we gave up. Seriously though, it looks like they’ve got it under control.)

Bud Light Ferndale Blues and Music Festival Schedule

January 15th 2012

The Ferndale Blues and Music Festival gives the community a chance to have fun and get introduced to multiple bars, restaurants and gathering places, while still raising money for charity. Michigan AIDS Coalition and Ferndale Youth Assistance benefit from this annual event. The Schedule for the event is as follows, with updates available on the official Blues and Music Festival website http://www.ferndalebluesfestival.org/.

Spotlight on Ferndale Youth Assistance

January 15th 2012

George Feld is another FYA Board Member, serving as the group’s Treasurer. “In the early 90’s I was Accounting Supervisor for the Schools and the Superintendent asked me to get involved. I retired in 2003, but I still do the accounting for FYA as my way of giving back,” Feld said.

M-1 Studios: Makin’ Money Makin’ Movies

January 15th 2012

But what you may not realize is that it’s yet another Ferndale company working behind the scenes to make those clips happen. From concept to upload, M-1 Studios know how to give small business owners the medium for their message to shine. Plus they have a story all of their own.

Pioneer Gets Historical Marker, More to Get Theirs Soon

January 15th 2012

It is currently owned by Pearlman, who has his property management office there. Now known as the Ferndale Arts Building, its home to creative Ferndale businesses like Candle Wick Shop, Boston Tea Room, Digital Lane Photography, and Peace Action Michigan.

Ferndale Career Center Teaches about Timeline

January 15th 2012

“We find more and more that HR [human resource] managers are going online and finding out all sorts of information about potential employees that they aren’t supposed to know, like race or religion. But it’s all there, out in the public for anyone to see, and the people doing the hiring do look,” she said. “Other people are going to have a hard time getting a job because of things they posted in the past.”

New Rules Allow for Backyard Chickens

January 15th 2012

Last summer’s chicken coop discussions finally came to a vote at Monday night’s City Council meeting, with council voting unanimously to change the regulations and give potential chicken owners a framework to legally keep and house fowl on their property

Ferndale Recreation Events

January 15th 2012

January 27, 2012: From 12:30 – 2:00 we’re having a Winter Wonderland pre-school party! This is for children up to age 6 and their parents. We’ll be having an indoor snowball fight (using marshmallows!), doing a craft and having a snack. The Kids Korner will also be open for the children to play in

Straight Talk w/Lawyer Lisa Series Starts Jan. 23 with “Bullying”

January 15th 2012

There are currently four Straight Talk w/Lawyer Lisa discussions scheduled. After January’s Bullying presentation, the dates and topics are:
~February 27, 2012 on the Anatomy of a Criminal Case
~April 23, 2012 on Medical Marijuana
~May 21, 2012 on Child Custody