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Medicaid Expansion Passes Senate

August 28th 2013

Medicaid Expansion Passes Senate (C. Proxmire, Aug. 28, 2013) After a bunch of partisan back-and-forth, made more complex by disagreements within the Republican Party, the state Senate approved expanding Medicaid to cover a larger group of low-income residents. A similar bill passed the House earlier this year, and the next step is for the House […]

Officers Train for Tactical Response to Active Shooter in School (video)

August 27th 2013

Officers Train for Tactical Response to Active Shooter in School (video) (Crystal A. Proxmire, Aug. 27, 2013) Dripping in sweat beneath body armor and masks, police from several cities moved deftly in tight formation through Jefferson Middle School in Pontiac, with guns drawn and eyes wide open. Following the sounds of a shotgun blast, they […]

Study Shows Results for Mental Health Court

August 23rd 2013

Study Shows Results for Mental Health Court (Michigan Supreme Court Press Release, Aug. 23, 2013) A three-year evaluation of 10 Michigan mental health courts finds that participants re-offend at significantly lower levels than comparable groups of offenders who do not participate in the mental health courts. The evaluation, which was conducted by the State Court […]

Links to Government Websites

March 30th 2013

Links to Government Websites United States The White House U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Supreme Court Michigan Michigan Senate Michigan House of Representatives Michigan Courts Michigan House Fiscal Agency Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency Oakland County Cities Auburn Hills Berkley […]

Lathrup Village Events

January 1st 2013

Lathrup Village Events To add events to the calendar, send info to and include the city in the subject line. coming soon