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Police Report: Armed Robbery

June 20th 2011

On 06-19-11 at 04:26 a.m. hours a Ferndale Police officer was patrolling the area of the municipal parking lot north of Nine Mile and east of Woodward when he was flagged down by a 55 year old Ferndale resident reporting that he had just been robbed by a man with a gun of his money

Dyke March 2011

June 19th 2011

The Second Annual SE Michigan Dyke March took place on June 4, 2011. 500 marchers chanted for equality as they moved through Downtown Ferndale and ended at Geary Park for an afternoon of music and memories.

Fallen Tree Closes Fielding, Damages Car

June 17th 2011

Nearly a dozen DPW employees convened in the SW side of Ferndale this morning after a gigantic tree fell from a yard in the 300 block of Fielding. The tree landed on the vehicle of a neighbor, and blocked the street with a mess of limbs, leaves, and a trunk that needed to be removed in sections.

Custom Guitar Exhibit Opens at Rust Belt on Saturday

June 17th 2011

Together again, local artists Steve Brook and Daniel Cascardo present their expanded custom guitar exhibit at The Rust Belt Market at an opening this Saturday, June 18 from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Teens don’t tolerate thief

June 15th 2011

A seventeen year old Royal Oak Township youth was arrested yesterday after he stole an Ipod from another kid’s backpack in Geary Park. School let out early yesterday, and students were playing in the park at about 1:30 when the thief was seen by a 15 year old girl…

Honoring the Car Wash Bears

June 6th 2011

The Motor City Bears are also a happy social circle, with frequent get togethers and even camping trips across the state. Their motto is “fun, fur and friends,” and some of their activities include movie nights, bowling, dinner parties, canoeing, Tiger baseball games, going to the zoo…(read more)

We Are Family March Kicks off Pride Weekend in Ferndale

June 4th 2011

Marsack and Winslow were among about 200 individuals who came together to further mark Ferndale’s place in history as a city where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender expression or sexual preference.

See the Love at Ferndale Pride this Weekend

June 2nd 2011

A passionate group of volunteers quickly got together to create events that celebrate Ferndale’s diversity on Pride Weekend, while not conflicting with the larger Detroit event.

Off the bat there were over 20 volunteers, led by…

P.R. to Contract w/Berkley Fire, Break w/Ferndale Possible

May 16th 2011

Tonight the City Council of Berkley is scheduled to vote on a contract with The City of Pleasant Ridge for Fire Protection services if needed to fill a gap in coverage as the cities consider a Public Safety merger along with Huntington Woods.

Poppy Week to Support Vets, Memorial Day Parade Coming

May 16th 2011

The week of May 16 is Poppy Week in Ferndale, a proclamation by City Council on May 9, 2011 makes it official….The Annual Memorial Day Parade will start at 10:00am on May 30.