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Up to $20,000 Available Through DNR Community Forestry Grant Program

August 26th 2020

Up to $20,000 is available for projects such as: 

Tree inventories and management plans.
Urban forest master plans or strategic plans. 
Tree maintenance connected to strategic activities in a plan or tree inventory. 
Community outreach or local staff training. 
Tree ordinance review and development.

Next Step in the Holly Depot Move: Online Fundraiser for 2 to 1 Match

August 24th 2020

The Village of Holly owns the building, but the public cannot access the Depot due to its close proximity to two active rail lines and the change in safety standards by the railway companies.

Dad Picking Up Teen Daughter Shot with His Own Gun During Scuffle, Others Injured

August 24th 2020

The male victim stated he had gone to the parking lot of Duckett’s Bar with his wife to pick up their 16-year-old daughter.

SURVEY Seeks to Understand White Perspectives on Racial Conversations

August 24th 2020

In an effort to understand and improve the conversations happening about race, LaTosch Consulting is conducting a survey of white people.

Brooksie Way Half Marathon Goes Virtual

August 24th 2020

“Since it began 13 years ago, the McLaren Brooksie Way has been one of the most popular fall half marathons in Michigan,” Race Director Deb Flynn said.

Explore: 4,461 Acres of Nature and Fun at Stony Creek Metropark

August 23rd 2020

Even after several visits there is still much to explore in this 4,461 acre oasis. 

Ferndale Police Go Curbside with Community Chats

August 21st 2020

“Our Police Department wants to nurture relationships with our residents, and the Curbside chats are one way to get to know our PD.”

Aug. 29 – Crafty Dragon Has Day of Fun at Orion Art Center

August 21st 2020

Dragon on the Lake festival is officially cancelled – but……… GOOD NEWS!!  In its place will be the Orion Art Center 2020 Crafty Dragon

Aug. 25 – Rain Gardens 101 Live Stream 

August 21st 2020

Join Friends of the Rouge to learn the essentials you need to bring rain gardens into your life.

Aug. 25 – SOCRRA Special Collection Event in Oak Park

August 21st 2020

Residents must remain in vehicle and face masks are required
Items will only be removed from trunks, hatches or pick-up beds – no items in back seats of vehicles
Must be in line by 5:00 PM