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Voters Left Out in County Politics

April 3rd 2012

Oakland County residents are losing representation as a coordinated Republican effort to gain control of the redistricting process has succeeded. The Commission will be cut from 25 Commissioners to 21, and control over drawing the districts has been taken from the apportionment committee and handed to the representatives themselves.

HEALTH ALERT: Mosquito Season Arrives Early in Michigan

April 3rd 2012

Oakland County Health Division urges residents to take preventive measures now to keep the mosquito population low this season and help prevent West Nile Virus (WNV) or other mosquito-borne diseases because mosquitoes have arrived early this year.

A Vibrant ‘Busy Place’ Emerges

April 3rd 2012

The buzz at Affirmations isn’t just about the electric bill. There is a palpable increase in warmth and energy from the volunteers, staff and members who make it a true community center.

The Last Night at AJs Cafe

April 2nd 2012

“I want to spend the next chapter of my life validating Detroit’s hard work through our coffee. That’s been that conduit, and I think that’s a real important aspect. I did exactly what I signed up for. I signed up for five years… and I’m very honored to be able to be a part of Ferndale’s living room for these five years. The people of this city have really embraced me, and what this has meant as a wonderful ambassador for Main Streets all across the USA.”

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Green Thumb Guy, Kris Lieber

April 1st 2012

It’s hard to picture Green Thumb Garden Center owner Kris Lieber donning a suit and punching a corporate clock every day, but that’s what life was like before he opened the budding garden supply business at 22963 Woodward. The 33-year-old entrepreneur used to be a clinical engineer responsible managing the Biomedical Engineering department at several hospitals for a large corporate health system.

Photographers Descend on Downtown Ferndale

April 1st 2012

It was one of those rare warm days this March that over 50 professional photographers from around Michigan descended on the alley of the Withington Parking Lot for a very special seminar. Blair Phillips, a nationally-recognized photographer for seniors and weddings was in town for the day-long lesson in urban photography.


April 1st 2012

The tour starts out in the education center, where youngsters hear a presentation about recycling, and watch a video about the process. Karen Bever, from SOCRRA explained that the more kids recycle, the more money the cities get back from the program. “It costs cities $26 a ton to take away garbage, but for every ton of recycling the city brings in they get a $37.50 credit,” Bever said.

Kelly Bennett Goes to Philly

April 1st 2012

A broken bell, a wall of skulls, a market full of gastronomic delights and 8500 librarians. A snapshot of Philadelphia during the semi-annual Public Library Association Conference (March 13-17); my personal snapshot. My primary concern before heading to the City of Brotherly Love was being prepared for my presentation…

Ferndale State of the City Address

April 1st 2012

You know, to me Ferndale isn’t just a city, it’s a community in the truest sense of the word, a place where strangers feel welcome and neighbors feel like family. When I moved here 21 years ago, I lived on West Cambourne near Woodward and I remember …

Crowd Chows Down at Street Eats Wednesday

April 1st 2012

Street Eats Wednesday was an experimental event held on March 21, 2012 in the alley behind Rust Belt Market. Mobile vendors such as Jacques Tacos, Treat Dreams, and El Guapo Grill came out to serve the thousands of people who came out to the food truck rally.