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Ten Years as a Tree City USA

June 2nd 2012

A new sign was added to the park this year, this one in commemoration of Ferndale being a Tree City USA for ten years. 2012 marks the tenth consecutive year for Ferndale, though in the 1970s Ferndale was among the first cities to recognize Arbor Day

Boy Killed by Train, FHS Class Gathering Donations to Send

June 1st 2012

FHS Class of 1981 is seeking donations in support of the family, to assist them with the cost of the funeral, which is Saturday at 3pm

Ferndale Recreation Newsletter

June 1st 2012

Information about Ferndale Recreation events, activities, classes and more!

Art is Everywhere in ARTWN

June 1st 2012

And if the multiple galleries, murals, sculptures, festivals, and art-related stores and activities are not enough, the next two years are going to be even more full of art as the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority launches ARTWN.

Rotary Gives 2012 Scholarships

June 1st 2012

Over a dozen students were honored for their hard work and dedication towards good citizenship with a reception by the Ferndale Rotary on May 24, 2012. Three students, Tirzah Ashmore, Jonah Meltzer and Jade McCord were also rewarded with $2,000 scholarships.

Jennifer Roosenberg’s Speech to Rotary Scholarship Recipients

June 1st 2012

As a former entrepreneur myself, I know how hard each of them work to make their business not only a success for themselves, but also for their families and any employees they may have. These men and women take on many risks and play such an integral role in our region’s economic development.

It Happened in Bath: The Story Behind the Song

June 1st 2012

The incident inspired Ferndale songwriter Kris McLonis and fellow writer David Moody from Detroit to write a song about Bath and the lives that were lost there. Together with John Sase of Royal Oak and producer Mike Canjar, Michigan Minstrel Music created a song and music video that she says “reminds people that there was always evil in the world, and this generation was not the first to face violence.”

Oakland County Voters to Decide on DIA Support

June 1st 2012

The millage is similar to one approved by voters in 2008, giving the three Counties authority and support to the Detroit Zoo. Other regional arts and education attractions have folded in recent years without stable public support, including the Detroit Science Center and the Bell Isle Aquarium.

Farewell to the West Breckenridge Dragon

June 1st 2012

Scott Wright’s father created the dragon for his son a decade ago. He also made an alligator, which is less prominently guarding the opposite side of the front lawn, poking out from the hedges.

Ferndale Public Library Wins $2,000 Grant for Art Book Collection

June 1st 2012

Ferndale Public Library has won the Metro Detroit Book and Author Society’s $2,000 James C. Dance Grant for the purchase of books and related items about art and the business of art.