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Governor Snyder Vetoes Three Election-Related Bills, Signs 11 Others

July 9th 2012

Snyder did sign into law 11 other bills, including those that establish more stringent requirements before a political party will be recognized in Michigan, and requirements that Independent committees must file quarterly spending reports with the State. Other bills require all ballot or petition language must be submitted to the Secretary of State prior to circulation.

Re-Creation Unveiled at Affirmations (video)

July 9th 2012

I am an ally for humanity. I use my art as a vehicle to engage people in the art making process, inspire creativity and bring awareness to their cause. In addition to the Affirmations Spring Bash, I was involved with

Patterson Vetoes Board of Commissioners Bridge Resolution

July 9th 2012

On June 14, 2012 Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson vetoed Board of Commissioners Miscellaneous Resolution 12149. The board resolution supported the Detroit International Bridge Company’s drive for a statewide referendum that would require voter approval of a new bridge or tunnel to Canada. Patterson, who rarely wields his veto pen, said…

The Power of Myth – July 17th

July 9th 2012

Dan Piesko, an Emeritus Professor of History at Oakland Community College, will use images from the DIA art collection of African masks, Greek and Roman gods, the story of Adam and Eve and other treasures to illustrate how myths have fulfilled human needs throughout the ages.

Invocation Recognizes Women’s Leadership

July 9th 2012

“Women’s voices need to be at the table, the kitchen, political, government, and negotiating table.
“We bring a different voice to the debate and one that should be heard and considered.
“As women leaders we need to…

Ferndale Officer Loses 3 Year Old to Drunk Driving Accident…

July 8th 2012

On June 25, 2012, a minivan occupied by Ferndale Police Officer John Cleveland, his wife Jodie, and their three children, Katie, Gavin and Olivia, was struck by a drunk driver. Tragically, Olivia did not survive the accident. She was only 3 years old.

Storm Videos, Pictures and Updates

July 5th 2012

The storms that rocked SE Michigan on July 4, 2012 hit Ferndale particularly hard, first with a massive downpour of hail, then with winds, lightening and rain. As traditionally happens in storms, power goes out and downed power lines are a safety issue.

Hazel Park Promise Zone Gets Grant Money from Walmart

July 3rd 2012

The grant helps secure an additional, matched $100,000 donation from Sutar Sutarek Foundation to ensure college scholarships and college readiness for every high school graduate from Hazel Park High School.

Beware Of Text Message Scammers

July 2nd 2012

“A text message appears on your phone, claiming to be from a local court and telling you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest. But the so – called “court” offers you a way out: you can quash the warrant by calling the number provided and paying $500 by credit card.

Let the Fracking Begin:

July 2nd 2012

The State of Michigan has opened up leases for land to be used for gas and mineral rights, including areas in North Oakland County. The leases do not permit above-ground development, but leaseholders could access gas through sideways drilling or fracking. Oakland County Commissioners Craig Covey, D-Ferndale, and Jim Nash, D-Farmington Hills, have been pushing for the Commission to request a temporary moratorium on fracking in Oakland County until more research can be done on the effects.