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Breakfast Celebrates Student Success

February 15th 2012

She added that the support she gets in Ferndale is “amazing,” and said “It’s awesome to come back to school after a big weekend and have everybody being proud of you, saying ‘great job’ in the halls and stuff. It feels good.”

School Bond Debated at CFF Forum

February 15th 2012

For the Feb. 12, 2012 forum on the school bond, Citizens for Quality Education Treasurer Bob Borkram discussed why he thinks people should vote for the school bond. Resident and occasional political candidate Tom Gagne spoke against the bond.

100 Chamber Members and the Ladies Will Go Blonde

February 15th 2012

I wanted to come up with something to inspire our members while giving them something they could all get behind. I read a book of ideas on how to get members to help recruit. One of the ideas mentioned having one of your leaders offer to do something extreme if you met the stated goal.

Ferndale Garden Club Learns How to Create Fairy Gardens

February 15th 2012

Carol Czechowski of the Herb Society of America gave a whimsical presentation about the connections between fairies and gardens. Weaving traditional lore with practical gardening suggestions, Czechowski had the audience of plant connoisseurs making big plans about little things.

30 Days in the Dark for 52 for Mom Founder

February 15th 2012

So far his experiments with the blindfolds have not gone perfectly. “ I did walk into a wall, almost brushed my teeth with Neosporen, and…

2012 Ferndale Blues and Music Festival with Photos by Larry J. Mills

February 15th 2012

The Bud Light Ferndale Blues and Music Festival took place January 27 to February 4, 2012 with record turnout at over 20 venues. The money raised goes towards Michigan AIDS Coalition and Ferndale Youth Assistance.

Hangin’ with the Heroes Welcomes Home Ryan Krebiehl

February 15th 2012

In March 2011 he married his high school sweetheart Margaret. “God has blessed me with countless great people in my life who have all helped me, taught me and pushed me to keep me motivated. I continue to meet great new people every day who I will always be blessed to call close friends. My dream in live is to have a small town life in Northern Michigan and raise a family with Wife,” he said.

Party Politics Sours State of the County Address

February 15th 2012

The Democrat’s rouge address and Patterson’s official one give wildly different views of Oakland County and the quality of life residents experience.

Patterson’s speech painted a positive picture of a thriving Oakland County.

Police Report: Two Chases

February 14th 2012

On 2/13/12 at 0052 hours a Ferndale Officer was patrolling west on W Eight Mile passing Laprairie when he saw a black Jeep Liberty approaching Eight Mile. He slowed and pulled to the curb just west of Laprairie. The driver of the Jeep drove over the center median and fled east on Eight Mile and south on Woodward where the officer caught up to the car. The vehicle was reported as stolen…

Fall in Love with Fashion – A Pop-Up Art Experience!

February 11th 2012

Alvita Lozano is hosting a fundraiser for FernCare! Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, Tuesday, 6 – 9 pm at Salon Rehe, 205 E. 9 Mile Rd (across from the library) in Ferndale.