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Police Report: Parolee Arrested After High Speed Chase

February 22nd 2013

When the officer began to walk up to the vehicle, Taylor sped off. He fled through residential streets, ran stop signs, and drove recklessly until driving down a dead end that ran into a hill alongside the railroad tracks (in front of 1111 E. 8 Mile). The officer pinned the suspect in and arrested him.

Do You Want to Help Rust Belt Grow?

February 20th 2013

To make this happen, the Bests have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $20,000 towards the building materials they need to make the renovation. On the site they explain the need for funding, “In order to have successful artists we need to offer them two things: Lots of foot traffic and low costs. If we’re in a hip spot with high foot traffic we’ve got high rent, if we have high rent we need to figure out a way to keep our costs down. That means finding other ways of bringing home the bacon to keep the doors open. This means using the space we have in ways we haven’t. …

Rotary Winter Warm Up March 7

February 20th 2013

The Winter Warm Up supports two charities, Ferndale Rotary’s Scholarship Awards program and Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Attendees will enjoy soups from all the teams and vote for which they like best. There will also be a silent auction, with many items donated by local businesses.

Affirmations Offers Daily Free HIV and STD Testing

February 20th 2013

“Expanding free HIV and STD testing services with our strategic Health and Wellness partners is key to our desire to commit the state’s largest LGBT community center to efforts to ending the spread of HIV/AIDS among the most vulnerable in our community”, said Johnny Jenkins, Affirmations’ Director of Programs.

HIV and Syphilis testing will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6pm-9pm and will be conducted by Michigan AIDS Coalition. They will also offer …

Need a Job? Here is the FCC Job Flash!

February 19th 2013

The Ferndale Career Center is known for connecting individuals to jobs, and companies to employees. Now they are offering a “Job Flash,” which is a list of available positions in the area. This will be updated regularly on their website at Below are the most recent job listings:

Ferndale Baseball Boosters Seek Support

February 19th 2013

The Ferndale Baseball Boosters Facebook page is a great way to keep up with the latest fundraisers and team pictures. Plus it’s got some historical pictures of former proud Eagles, such as former Michigan Governor James Blanchard donning a tu tu for a talent show. Check that out at…

Opportunities to Learn About the Law

February 18th 2013

There are a few presentations these next couple of weeks to educate people on legal topics.

On Monday, Feb. 18 at the Ferndale Public Library, Attorney Lisa Schmidt will present “Straight Talk on Gun Control.” Schmidt does…

5 Bills and 1 Bonus #1 (2013)

February 17th 2013

Politics is the least popular topic for some in our community, but it’s also important. Sometimes the big corporate lobbyists and politicians like it to be dull and complicated so that you’ll be bored and apathetic. But it’s worth taking a little bit of time to understand how things are done, and speaking up when you see things you don’t like. Even just asking questions and learning more makes a difference in democracy. It’s all important.

So here are five bills that have been introduced in the State House this year. There are over 250 already introduced, and we strongly suggest you go to and search around for bills that are on topics you care about

Ferndale’s MEAP Scores

February 16th 2013

Results from the Fall 2012 MEAP tests were released statewide this week. In Ferndale, the Curriculum & Instruction Team has reviewed the Ferndale School’s student results which include Grades 3-9. Ferndale’s results show significant increases in proficiency in reading, math, and science. Barbara Evoe, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction says…

Have You Noticed The StoreFront Gallery on Marshall

February 16th 2013

John teamed up with several friends and people he’d only met online to curate the “Your Instagram” exhibit. For this he chose 24 Instagram photos and put them in frames to sell. He also put together a projection show to play on the wall. Your Instagram is a two-day showing that can still be seen on Sat. Feb.16 from 3-9pm.

Vagrants and Valentine also took a corner at the show to display found art jewelry and and one-of-a kind fashion items