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Library Welcomes Adrianne Gilmore to Board

February 28th 2013

Adrienne Gilmore is a 14-year resident of the city, and is a professional educator in the Birmingham Public School system. She will be sworn in by the city clerk on February 27 and will officially join the Board at its March 21, 2013 monthly meeting.

Snow Day: Hazel Park and Ferndale Schools Closed Due to Weather

February 27th 2013

Both of the School Districts that serve our community (Hazel Park and Ferndale) are closed on Feb. 27 due to snow.

Residents are encouraged to review our “Stuff to Know for the Snow” article, which reminds people to keep their sidewalks shoveled and to move cars from the street for snow plows. It also gives tips for “green” snow removal.

UHS Senior Fatally Shot by Brother Playing with Gun

February 26th 2013

Lee was in his Highland Park home when his older brother (who is either 23 or 34) was “playing around” with a handgun on Tuesday and it discharged accidentally. Lee died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Free Parking Extended, More Meters Ordered

February 26th 2013

In order to quell some of the uproar, Ferndale City Council has extended a parking holiday until the next City Council meeting, March 11. Parking is free in Ferndale during that time, and the rates will be discussed at that meeting. Council has also approved the purchase of 14 more multi-space meters to help with the congestion. The machines have been rush ordered so they will come within the next two weeks.

Beyond Ferndale: Ice Events to Wake the Soul

February 25th 2013

Not only can a visit to a place like Point Pelee vary from week to week, it can vary from the time spent walking north up a beach for an hour, then back.

FEF Ides of March Dinner is March 15

February 25th 2013

The Ferndale Education Foundation is having its annual fundraising dinner on March 15th, with an Ides of March theme, including a toga party! The cost is $40 and the event takes place at Club Venetian in Madison Heights. Guests should wear business attire or toga costumes.

Fracking Discussion Feb. 27

February 25th 2013

Jim Nash, the new Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, announces the first in a series of town hall meetings around the county. These meetings will focus on the impact of new state-issued oil and natural gas drilling leases in Oakland County.

Democratic Party Leadership Changes (video)

February 24th 2013

Both the Michigan Democratic Party and the LGBT Caucus changed leadership at the Sat. Feb. 23, 2013 Michigan Democratic Convention in Detroit. After a contentious battle, and a morning spent making the rounds to the various political camps, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer withdrew his nomination with a simple farewell…

Data on Income Disparity in Ferndale and Beyond

February 23rd 2013

For some the grass really may seem greener in someone else’s neighborhood, especially if it’s on a color-coded map based on income. The website provides maps with neighborhoods color-coded based on data from US Census American Community Surveys for the past several years. The maps can show income or rental costs for communities across the country. By clicking on an area one can retrieve the specific data.

Parking Holiday to Continue through Monday

February 22nd 2013

The City of Ferndale has declared that free parking will be available in all parking lots and on-street spaces through Monday, February 25th. City Manager, April Lynch stated that, “the bottom line is that we need to provide the best product to our customers…