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The Great Fracking Debate in Oakland County (video)

March 5th 2013

The discussion took place in West Bloomfield Township, a community that passed a moratorium on fracking last year after Township Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste sat in on a land auction where rights to Michigan’s resources were bid out to oil and gas companies.

With some of the land being in Oakland County, municipal and county officials like Economou Ureste had concerns about the potential for fracking so close to home. Northern Oakland County has several lakes…

Need a Job? Here is the FCC Job Flash!

March 5th 2013

The Ferndale Career Center is known for connecting individuals to jobs, and companies to employees. Now they are offering a “Job Flash,” which is a list of available positions in the area. This will be updated regularly on their website at Below are the most recent job listings:

“Get Caught Reading” and you could be Rewarded

March 4th 2013

This year the Ferndale Public Library is launching a fun, new way to participate in the program with their Get Caught Reading contest. Take your copy of Slaughterhouse-Five to any of the following locations: Chazzano, Java Hutt, Pinwheel Bakery, Affirmations, or Easy Like Sundae, order your treat of choice, and let the cashier know you’re there to read your book. They’ll give you a raffle ticket and you’ll be entered into our Get Caught Reading Contest.

Police Report: Administrator Injured, Five Arrested in Fight at DLC

March 1st 2013

The fight reportedly started as the result of students taunting each other. Administrators and staff in the school contained the fight; however it resulted in an injury to one administrator.

Ferndale Recreation March Newsletter

March 1st 2013

Here’s what’s happening at Ferndale Recreation – soccer registration extended, Eggstravaganza, Zumba, softball, Parent Night Out and more!

Chief Asks for Safety, Structure in Police Station Remodeling

February 28th 2013

Councilperson Mike Lennon, a former police officer with the Ferndale PD empathized with Collins’ presentation. “I know these facilities well, and they are inadequate, and they have been for a really long time.”

Judge Longo Shares His Courthouse Woes

February 28th 2013

In November Longo gave a presentation to City Council about the things he’d like to see in a remodel of the 43rd District Court building.

The lack of ADA compliant facilities is not the only problem with the 43rd District Courthouse, although it is the most heart-wrenching. Other issues Longo listed include:

Funeral Arrangements for Melissa Sue Balogh

February 28th 2013

In her 22 years of life, Melissa Sue Balogh was a beloved Ferndale resident. She was born on December 23, 1990 to John and Deann Blaogh, and had three sisters Vanessa, Crystal and Ashley. She passed away on Feb. 25, 2013 due to health issues possibly related to an asthma attack or food allergy. She is also lovingly remembered by classmates from Ferndale High School, and by her nieces Faith Thomason, Keara and Dravyn Fournier,

BetterBuildings Program for Home Owners Ends March 31

February 28th 2013

Residents who sign up for BetterBuildings for Michigan will get a comprehensive energy audit at a discounted cost of $100. During the audit, a Certified Building Analyst will use high tech equipment to pinpoint where homes are losing energy and detect structural leaks, air infiltration and inadequate insulation. Residents will also get CFL lightbulbs, a low-flow shower head and…

Police Report: “Fake Cop” Arrested w/ Badge, Handcuffs & Knife

February 28th 2013

The Ferndale officer became suspicious and arrested LAWSON for not having a license on him. Further investigation showed that LAWSON is not nor ever was a police officer. When arrested LAWSON, the officer found a pair of handcuffs and hunting knife in the compartment on the side of the driver’s door.