Sept 19 – TigerLily in Ferndale Hosting Anniversary Dinner with Carving Demo

FERNDALE, Mich. – Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of TigerLily, featuring Mai Tiki, on Tuesday, September 19, as Executive Chef Chris Vasquez takes guests on a journey from the Pacific Ocean to your table with an in-house Bluefin tuna carving demonstration and multi-course dinner experience.

Since opening just 12 months ago at 231 W. Nine Mile in downtown Ferndale, TigerLily has been committed to bringing together the freshest and highest quality ingredients available, prepared and artistically presented using traditional and contemporary techniques for a truly unique experience seldom found in Metro Detroit. This dedication is best exemplified in TigerLily’s sustainably-sourced Bluefin Tuna, from Bluefiná. Flown in every other week within 24-hours of harvesting, Chef Vasquez butchers each 200-300-pound tuna in-house, utilizing everything from nose to tail.

September’s Bluefin tuna experience will begin at 5 p.m., featuring a live carving and tasting demonstration by Chef Vasquez, who will explain each cut to guests; from sought-after Otoro and Chutoro cuts — prized for its buttery flavor and melt-in-your-mouth textures — to the bold cuts of lean Akami. A six-course sushi dinner will follow, with a special selection of nigiri, maki rolls and sashimi to showcase each style and cut of Bluefin. A dessert course will complete the experience, which will end by 9 p.m. Each guest will receive a unique anniversary dinner gift, as well as welcome drinks and special offers to TigerLily and Mai Tiki.

The special six-course dinner will start with a tuna crudo, topped with a sweet-spicy vinaigrette, negi and pine nuts; followed a Bluefin tuna sashimi trio (otoro, chutoro, akami) course; and a third course Bluefin tuna trio of nigiri with caviar; the fourth course centers on a tuna butsu, served with avo, cucumber, radish, watermelon and a soy glaze; the fifth course will consist of a tuna tartare hand roll, with ikura (salmon caviar), negi, daikon sprouts and uni; and a sixth course with tuna tataki and soba, with yuzu butter, soba noodles and scallions. A final dessert course will include a matcha-strawberry icecream sandwich.

Opened in August 2022 with a limited sushi menu, TigerLily now boasts seven categories of Japanese fare, including Samui (cold) items, like A5 Wagyu beef tataki; Atsui (hot) such as chicken or pork bao buns; Rice & Noodles; a Robata Yaki section of grilled items; and three categories of sushi, including nigiri, maki and sashimi. TigerLily also features a wide selection of sake and Japanese whiskies.

In addition to the finely curated selection of food and drink available at TigerLily, the 4,000-square-foot dining room offers a stunning backdrop to the evening, with a marble-topped sushi bar set beneath a six-panel mural installation by Detroit-area artist Glenn Barr.

TigerLily’s dining room also houses Mai Tiki – a contemporary tiki bar that serves as Ferndale’s only space that blends tiki with speakeasy. Nestled behind a semi-concealed door on the east side of the dining room, Mai Tiki is a throwback to the tropical island-inspired bars of yesteryear. Featuring classic rum cocktails, like the Rum Runner, Zombie, Mai Tai and Pain Killer, Mai Tiki is a perfect getaway when you need impromptu vacation vibes, or just a fun place for drinks and small Polynesian-inspired plates.

Hometown Restaurant Group is a community of restaurants (TigerLily, Mai Tiki, Public House, Pop’s for Italian, One-Eyed Betty’s) located in downtown Ferndale, Mich., each with its own distinct identity and flavor with a shared vision to invigorate our city. We do this through the continual evolution of food, drink and service to evoke a positive emotional reaction with our guests and staff. We believe that a commitment to our staff, community and uncompromising core values should always guide our actions.

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