Estimates Show Population Decline in 3/4 of Oakland County Communities

(Kurt Metzger, May 23, 2023)

Oakland County, MI – The Census Bureau has just released 2022 population estimates for all cities, villages, towns and townships across the country.  As was anticipated, population growth was concentrated in the south and west.  The only major Midwest/Northeast city to gain population between 2021 and 2022 is Columbus, Ohio.  Detroit’s continued population loss (which will be formally challenged) resulted in its drop in the national rankings from 27th largest city to 29th – passed by Louisville and Memphis.

Oakland County’s 2022 population estimate came out in March.  A previous article analyzed the county’s second straight year of population loss, which dropped it about 5,000 residents below its 2020 Census count.

A look at the city and township level (villages, which are included in their township totals, will follow) shows that 39 out of 51 communities lost population between 2021 and 2022.  [39 communities (36 the same) also have lost population since the 2020 Census.]  The attached table provides details.

Leading the 12 population-gain communities over the last year were Lyon charter township (up 1,141), Auburn Hills (up 712), Holly township (up 137) and Orion charter township (up 102).

Leading the 39 population-loss communities were Farmington Hills (down 631), Waterford charter township (down 502), Southfield (down 483), Troy (down 391), and West Bloomfield charter township (down 341).

The Census Bureau has reinstated its Population Estimates Challenge process for 2022.  While I know that Detroit will be filing a challenge, it’s possible others will consider challenging as well.

For more stories about the Census and other interesting numbers, visit the Data-Base Stories Archives on Oakland County Times. Thanks to Data Expert Kurt Metzger for this work!