BOSS Interview: Chris Best of The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale

(Crystal A. Proxmire, April 20, 2023)

Ferndale, MI – The Rust Belt Market’s presence at the corner of Nine Mile and Woodward has been a part of the Downtown Ferndale community for over twelve years, connecting local artists and small businesses with customers in a what co-owner Chris Best describes as “a mall for artists,” or “a flea market without the fleas.”  Over thirty vendors show off a variety of works and products in a space that is intentionally rich with artistic details and an eclectic atmosphere.  There’s also event space in the middle, where weddings, meetings, celebrations, and pop up sales mesh well with the creative energy that flows around it.

Best and his wife Tiffany created The Rust Belt Market after seeing artists struggle in the months when art fairs are less abundant, with a mindset of helping them have consistency and a regular space to sell their work.  Chris spoke with Oakland County Times about his experience starting this unique business, sharing both the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

He compared owning a business to having a kid (which as parents the Bests can relate to), where one cannot just punch out on a Friday and forget about work for the weekend.  “You have to nurture it, love it, always worry about it,” Best said of the business. “You want to see it grow and be healthy, so there is that type of ‘my heart is on the outside of my body’ thing when you have kids, so there’s a little bit of that in a business.”

Check out all of Best’s advice for entrepreneurs in this interview.  For more about The Rust Belt Market visit them online at or visit on the weekends to shop from local vendors at 22801 Woodward Ave in Downtown Ferndale.

Stay tuned for more BOSS interviews and panel discussions with Oakland County Times advertisers to help inspire other entrepreneurs.

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