BOSS Interview: Dennis Whittie of Whittie Law Center

(Crystal A. Proxmire, April 10, 2023)

Royal Oak, MI – Attorney Dennis Whittie grew up in the 80s and 90s, when shows like Divorce Court, Superior Court, and People’s Court made the law seem exciting and important.  “I look back on those shows and think how unrealistic it is,” Whittie said in a recent BOSS interview with Oakland County Times.  The attorney, who specializes in criminal defense and civil rights, shared a bit about what it was like starting his own law practice, as well as advice for others.  Though the shows often take creative license with what the real legal profession is like, they did inspire Whittie to go to law school and start his own law firm.

“I hung my shingle straight out of law school,” he said.  The Whittie Law Center began eight years ago and has an office in Royal Oak, though Whittie represents clients throughout the Metro Detroit area.  Whittie also worked as a police officer while going to law school, and he continues to pick up shifts as an EMT because he enjoys helping others both in the courtroom and in the field.

Owning a law firm means more than just having knowledge about the law and juggling things like court appearances and client meetings, it also means making time for the business part of things, including budgeting, investing in advertising, research tools, and paying taxes.

Hear what some of the challenges and joys have been in Whittie’s entrepreneurial journey in this Oakland County Times BOSS interview.

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