OCHN Launches Youth and Family Care Connection Program for Short-Term Mental Heatlhcare
(OCHN, April 6, 2023)
Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN) launched the Youth & Family Care Connection (YFCC) program located at the Resource & Crisis Center (RCC).
The YFCC is an innovative behavioral health service program designed to meet the mental health needs of youth 17 and younger. Services include triage for a behavioral health crisis, resources, and care coordination. Youth can receive services on the unit for up to 72 hours as determined by a mental health screening and based on capacity.
“We are genuinely excited about introducing the Youth & Family Care Connection to Oakland County residents,” states OCHN Executive Director and CEO, Dana Lasenby. “The goal is to improve care coordination with OCHN’s network providers and hospital partners; reduce extended stays in emergency departments during a mental health crisis, and most importantly, connect families to critical care that improves outcomes for children in distress.”
OCHN contracted with New Oakland Family Centers (NOFC) to manage and operate the YFCC, providing comprehensive, evidence-based behavioral health support for youth and families in Oakland County.
“It is our great privilege to continue our collaboration with OCHN on this important new extension of youth mental health care in Oakland County,” said New Oakland President and CEO Kevin Sendi. “OCHN’s leadership is taking bold and progressive steps to address the urgent and growing need for effective, compassionate care for youth in crisis across our communities. We are honored to be a part of these efforts.”
Prior to the YFCC launch, families with youth shared a common lobby with adults seeking support at OCHN’s Resource and Crisis Center. Families with youth are instructed to use the RCC Hospital Drive entrance to receive services. The RCC is located in Building 32E on the county campus grounds located at 1200 Telegraph Road in Pontiac.
The YFCC Crisis Care Unit is also coordinating behavioral health care with local hospital emergency departments. The Crisis Care Unit includes eight overnight beds and a wide range of other capabilities and resources to serve the unique needs of youth and their families.
Services provided at the YFCC Crisis Care Unit include, but are not limited to psychiatric evaluations, medication reviews, nursing, and therapy.
“Hospital emergency department staff do their best to support families during a mental health crisis,” explains Lasenby. “It is a challenging time that requires specialized behavioral healthcare and support, that’s where the Youth & Family Care Connection can help.”
All YFCC services are available to youth and families who are uninsured, underinsured, or have private insurance. The YFCC and its Crisis Care Unit are not replacements for physical healthcare services provided by hospital emergency departments. Youth and families experiencing a physical healthcare crisis should call 911 or seek help at their local hospital or urgent care. Further, the YFCC is not a replacement for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.
About OCHN
OCHN is contracted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to lead a provider service network that assists approximately 27,000 Oakland County citizens at more than 300 service sites across the county. People who receive public behavioral health services through OCHN’s provider network include those who have an intellectual or developmental disability, mental health concerns, or substance use disorder. Most of these individuals have Medicaid insurance coverage.
OCHN’s goal is to ensure these individuals are aware of and have access to services and supports that will improve their health and quality of life, as well as ensure their engagement in full community participation. Its mission to “inspire hope, empower people, and strengthen communities” reflects an unyielding belief in a “Valuable System for Valued People.” Programs and supports provided by OCHN’s service network are available at www.oaklandchn.org.
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