BOSS Interview: Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo of Chazzano Coffee Roasters

(Crystal A. Proxmire, April 2, 2023)

Berkley, MI – There is coffee, and then there is “coffee that makes you sing.”  That’s the kind of coffee that Frank Lanzkron-Tamarao aspires to when he freshly-roasts the highest quality beans for Chazzano Coffee Roasters.  The former cantor recently moved his coffee shop from Ferndale to Downtown Berkley, where he serves customers with a smile and good conversation, and operates a thriving wholesale company.

Lanzkron-Tamarao has been a part of Oakland County Times since both businesses launched 13 years ago. He recently sat down with Oakland County Times for a zoom interview about his entrepreneurial successes, challenges, and advice he would give to others looking to start their own business.

Frank started out as a cantor who would roast coffee in his garage for the sheer joy of it, always dreaming of opening his own coffee shop, and wishing that restaurants he and his family would enjoy had better coffee to go with their food.

“I decided to start this life so it was nothing I would have regrets about,” Lanzkron-Tamarao said.

In preparing for his business, he did a lot of reading and continuously updating his business plan. Though even with the most planning possible, Frank still had things to learn along the way.  And he’s still learning; still tweaking that business plan as he goes.

Now he’s proud to see Chazzano Coffee in a number of restaurants and grocery stores, including Western Market, Woodward Corners, and Randazzo.  His coffee ships across the country, and he still makes local deliveries.

Inside Chazzano Coffee at 2725 Twelve Mile Rd in Berkley, he serves up 35 different coffees, in a multitude of ways. There is French Press, Espresso, Turkish, and iced, as well as coffee ice cream and coffee soda.

Learn more about Chazzano Coffee Roasters, including how to order online, at

Stay tuned for more BOSS interviews and panel discussions with Oakland County Times advertisers to help inspire other entrepreneurs.

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