Video: Lion’s Club Donation Helps Keep Momentum Going for North Oakland Strong, Supporting Oxford Families

(Orion ONTV (video), Elizabeth Schanz (recap), July 18, 2022)

Lake Orion, Oxford, MI – Matt Pfiefer the owner of Northern Wholesale Flooring and organizer of North Oakland Strong was given a donation of $6,900 from Lake Orion Lions Club. North Oakland Strong formed to support the Oxford High School families after the mass shooting on November 30th, 2021. The Lake Orion Lions Club hopes to help their neighboring community through the contribution to North Oakland Strong as the community continues to heal in the wake of tragedy where four students – Madisyn Baldwin, Tate Myre, Hana St. Juilana, and Justin Shilling – were killed.

Initially, North Oakland Strong worked to fulfill needs that arose in the community after the mass shooting. This included providing individuals with resources such as food, serving over 15,000 meals, clothing, and the building of memorials. North Oakland Strong is now shifting the focus to mental health support for the Oxford Community.

“That’s our mission is to make sure that we can still help the families and make sure that anyone that needs mental health help out of this tragedy is supported,”  Pfiefier said in an interview with Orion ONTV, “we will continue to do that as long as we can.”

Many barriers can stop people from receiving proper mental health resources ranging from cost to generally accessibility. Pfeifier hopes that North Oakland Strong will be able to bridge this gap for the community through their work.

Pfiefier said, “We provide funding when necessary, we do some group therapy sessions and when families have shortfalls and don’t have coverage we want to support them.”

With the donation, North Oakland Strong hopes to continually aid the community well into the future. Orion ONTV was there as the donation was made,  making a video to share with the community. Check it out on Youtube.  Thanks to Orion ONTV for sharing their coverage.

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