Video: Interview with New Ferndale Superintendent Bobbie Hayes Goodrum

(Crystal A. Proxmire, July 18, 20220
Ferndale, Oak Park, Royal Oak Township, Pleasant Ridge, MI – When students and teachers return to Ferndale Schools in the fall, they’ll be greeted with enthusiastic smiles and an atmosphere of openness and welcoming under the leadership of Dr. Bobbie Hayes Goodrum, the new Superintendent.

The Superintendent is not only in charge of administration, but in a community with active parent engagement like Ferndale, must work with the public to have strong community relations, parent involvement, and a connection to the overall community. In her 23 years in education, Dr. Goodrum has stood out as a person intent on helping students succeed no matter their circumstances. Included among her experiences are a history of special education and diversity work.  Most recently she served as Interim Superintendent of Farmington Schools.

Oakland County Times met with Dr. Goodrum via Zoom to chat about her new role, and what having her at the helm means for Ferndale Schools.

To learn more about Dr. Hayes Goodrum, view her Bio & Resume.  For more on Ferndale Schools visit https://www.ferndaleschools.org/.