Tiles Made by Many Come Together for Mural in Rochester Hills

(Paint Creek Center for the Arts, July 15, 2022)

Rochester Hills, Michigan – In celebration of 100 years of park service in Rochester Hills, Paint Creek Center for the Arts recently invited members of the community to create individual tiles that have now been assembled into a new community art project, The Centennial Tile Mural.

The mural is 4.5 feet high and 20 feet wide and was unveiled July 12 at Thelma G. Spencer Park, 3701 John R. Road.

“This project allowed the public to physically and safely leave a piece of themselves in their community,” said Nicole Bush, art education manager at Paint Creek Center for the Arts.

All of the individual tiles were assembled into a mural designed by Huntington Woods, Michigan-based Mosaic Artist Michelle Sider. She was recommended for this project by members of the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

“I love the premise of the Centennial Ceramic Mural project which was to provide an opportunity for residents of varying abilities to participate in creating this ceramic mural,” said Sider. “Each tile is hand carved by a member of the community and has a unique look yet the mural as a whole has a cohesive and uplifting image that enhances the park and celebrates the Centennial year of the city. It was an honor to design and assemble this mural for the city.”

The ceramic mural can be viewed on the wall of the park’s Beach House.

This project was a joint effort among The City of Rochester Hills, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Paint a Miracle, Older Persons Commission, Rochester Hills community members and Artist Michelle Sider. Michigan Arts and Culture Council and the City of Rochester Hills sponsored this project.

Michigan-based Mosaic Artist Michelle Sider works out of her Huntington Woods studio. Her work can also be viewed at Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Mich. and Main Street Gallery in Leland, Mich. She is a member of the Mosaic Artists of Michigan and Society of American Mosaic Artists, among other professional groups. Learn more at www.michellesstudio.com. Follow her at @MichelleSider on Instagram or Facebook.