Take Care of Your Yard with Fall Cleanup Tips from ReLeaf Michigan

Take Care of Your Yard with Fall Cleanup Tips from ReLeaf Michigan

(ReLeaf Michigan, Nov. 24, 2021)

Michigan – Here at ReLeaf Michigan, we know autumn is a time for football, apple cider, and corn mazes; but it’s also a great time to assess your home landscaping needs and to prepare your yard for winter!

Consider the following checklist items for your fall yard cleanup

Plant shrubs and trees: Fall is a great time to plant many species of trees and shrubs to avoid the heat and drought of summer months.

Remove dead limbs, prune evergreen shrubs: Inspect your trees for dead limbs so they don’t come crashing down under the weight of heavy snow this winter!

Rake & compost leaves: Don’t let your grass suffocate beneath a mat of leaves this winter. Rake your leaves, and shred or compost them to use around your young trees or gardens in the spring.

Mulch trees and shrubs for winter protection: Applying fresh mulch in the fall to your trees and shrubs will help regulate soil temperature and retain moisture through the winter months. Just remember – no mulch volcanoes!

Clean fallen leaves from gutters: Remember to clear leaves and other debris from your gutters before it snows and freezes over to avoid clogs that prevent water from draining, which could cause major headaches later on.

Water trees (particularly your evergreens) & shrubs before the ground freezes, but don’t overwater!: Prepare your trees for the long dormant season by making sure they have enough water just before winter hits. By watering your trees, you help their root systems grow strong and promote stem and leaf growth in the spring.

After the leaves fall, inspect trees for structural defects: It can be much easier to spot issues regarding tree structure or insect entry & exit holes once the leaves have dropped. Be on the lookout for defects such as crossing or rubbing branches, hanging limbs, and signs of pests or diseases.

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