Avon Donuts in Pontiac Adds Japanese Mochi Donuts

Avon Donuts in Pontiac Adds Japanese Mochi Donuts

(Crystal A. Proxmire, July 30, 2021)

Pontiac, MI – Avon Donuts has long been famous for their variety of delicious fresh-baked donuts. But now they are stepping up the donut game with an international addition to their offerings – Japanese-style Mochi Donuts!

Mochi donuts are made with glutinous rice (sticky rice) along with a flour-base which makes for a richer, chewy dough with a crispier outside than their rice-free peers.

The shape is a little different to, with the donut ring being made of little sections that easily pull apart for the perfect-sized bite.

Although they are made with rice, they are not gluten-free because flour is still needed in the recipe.  There are no plans to do GF items because their business is based on baking with flour.

One of the Avon Donuts family members, Ling, fell in love with the unusual Mochi Donuts two years ago while visiting Hawaii.

“Since then I’ve been playing and messing around with different methods on how make them but also to see if it’s possible to include with our daily line up,” Ling said.  “After many attempts and literally two years of just contemplating if/when this different type of texture (chewyness) could possibly make it.  So one day I just launched them just like the Maple Bacon donut and never looked back.”

“Life is short I don’t want to regret my abilities/business decisions,” she said.  “So far it’s doing well.  The Mochi donut is not for everyone and I understand that.”

The Mochi Donuts come topped in a variety of cute and delicious ways, including one with a strawberry glaze and a Pocky stick.  Others include Oreo crumble, glazed, chocolate with nuts, pistachio, and more.

Avon Donuts is located at 45324 Woodward Ave.  Donuts are baked in limited quantities fresh each day, and often sell out before their 1pm close time, so get there early for the best variety.  Learn more on the Avon Donuts Facebook Page.

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