Oakland County Fair Sees Crowds Return, Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

Oakland County Fair Sees Crowds Return, Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

(Sam Gurwin, July 26, 2021)

Davisburg, MI – The weather was perfect. Covid infection rates were down and gatherings were finally allowed. And the Springfield Oaks County Park in Davisburg was ready once again to hold the annual Oakland County Fair, celebrating 50 years.

The air was alive with the electricity of the last day of this nine day extravaganza. Just walking from one end to the other was hard due to all of the cool activities.

A real pony ride area drew our attention. Two of the cute critters were ridden by Andrias Nieces. The Oakland County resident mentioned the best part of the fair “is seeing the smiles on kid’s faces and letting them have a blast.”

The food trailers were plentiful, but the biggest eye-catcher  (because it was being made in the open) was Kettle Corn Maker Lisa from Clarkston. The fair had been “pretty cool” as she and her helper were busy making the delicious snack for patrons. There is that moment when the corn pops rapidly and her assistant is hurriedly ladling the fresh popping corn – great County Fair moment.

A tent with a man holding a small alligator caught my attention. The alligator is “Swampy”, a 3 year old alligator held by Bush Master Spike Boy. He is one of the to assistants to Jim Deberry of Orlando, Florida who runs the incredible “World Famous Crab Races By Mr. Crab” where small crabs on a table surrounded by Children with peanuts (the food Crabs love apparently) “race” to the nut and the first crab near a child’s nut wins.

“This is a highly interactive show we put on where we want to please and educate families and children alike whether on crustaceans or hermit crabs, but most important is to have a good time for the Community” Helping Jim are his Assistants- Jake from Snake Farm and again, Bush Master Spike Boy. They were both busy helping Kids and Adults alike at the many things to do in the tent.

Jim ran this large Tent with his “Crab Races” that also included:

-A butterfly area where one can walk in and interact with Butterflies actually birthed during this visit to the Oakland County Fair. This fair got 2000 butterfly larva for the duration of it. The kids learn about behavior and such of the butterflies and even the flowers in the Butterfly area.

– Two muzzled Alligators to interact with (trained handlers assist with demonstrations, photo-shoots and questions)

– A huge snake interaction for photo-shoots and petting was available.

-Other caged reptiles on display in the tent

-Exotic birds interactions & photo opportunities

The Cool Zoo (The Main Name) is a National Company based on a mostly children’s audience.  The goal of the company is to “to educate, share about conservation awareness, and give back to the community”

Liz Smit , Resident and Trustee in White Lake Township watched the Hermit Crab Show and the exhibits in the Cool Zoo Tent “The fair is so much fun. It’s a wonderful wholesome event and we are so glad to have it in Oakland County .It is so much fun to see so many families having a great time”

Nearby the Cool Zoo, a huge pool with high divers were performing, doing different type of flips, of varying heights and sometimes synchronized dives with three taking the plunge at a time.

Out in the barn that had animals like steer and sheep, we met Elexus and her Husband who were enjoying watching her small son milk a cow mannequin. “We are enjoying the fair very well” said Elexus. Her favorite part of the Fair were the Elephant Ears Funnel Cakes.

There were so many rides- ferris wheels , spinning rides, a massive swing ride and more. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The fun needed a balance of how this great Fair came about and how is it doing this year. I headed to the Management Offices.

I sat down with LC Scramlin of Holly, the General Manager of the Oakland County Fair. “The Fair’s been a real Celebration. For 50 years the Fair has been here on Springfield Oaks County Park- and we’ve been giving out things in 50’s from Freebies to Cowboy Hats.

The Fair started in 1971. People being back together and are “ecstatic” says LC. The Fair has never done better with record crowds on good weather days this year. This Last Day of the Fair  that the Oakland County Times visited was already a Record said LC.

The Fair wasn’t without its challenges with the scarcity of help, Weather issues and of course Covid-19. But overall there was excitement.  Plus this year had some Great new events, including the “Twisted Trailer Race” where pulled trailers by Demolition Derby vehicles went at each other.

With another year down,  2022 is already being planned. What wonders will the Oakland County Fair hold next year? The Oakland County Times will be there to let you know.

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