Holly Township’s Sorensen Park Getting Disc Golf Course

Holly Township’s Sorensen Park Getting Disc Golf Course

(Mark H. Stowers, June 2, 2021)

Holly, MI – Holly will soon be the next stop for the Disc Golf craze. Holly Township Parks and Rec recently approved a disc golf course. The sport already has more than 8,000 courses across the US and Canada. The high-benefit, low-cost sport offers plenty of fun but little investment maintenance making it a popular and long-lasting attraction. The game is played like regular golf but with a frisbee that is thrown towards a metal basket instead of a hole. Anyone who can throw a frisbee is a candidate for the game.

The project was proposed by the Flint Town Flyerz Disc Golf Club. It includes the installation of an 18-hole disc golf course in Sorensen Park. The cost is projected to be $10,000. A presentation by the group stated that “the installation of a disc golf course would be consistent with the stated goals of the recently revised five-year plan for Sorensen Park.”

Toni Brinker CPRP, Director Holly Township Parks and Recreation, is looking forward to bringing the popular and growing sport to Holly.

I am really excited to be bringing this to Sorensen Park,” Brinker said. “The course will meander through the park and the holes will be off the regular trail. The trails will be used to get from hole to hole in some cases. I am really looking forward to working with the Flint Town Flyerz on this project.”

The $10,000 cost covers the construction of tees along with signs and baskets. There will be some landscaping and tree trimming to allow better access to fairways and basket locations. The group explained that maintenance will include mostly mowing grass. The group also volunteered to do the initial clean-up of the disc course area and maintain picking up trash. The course will cover anywhere from 20-40 acres depending on the final design and can utilize undesirable space in a park.

The group explained the benefits would include the provision of an inexpensive recreational activity regardless of skill level. With many schools in the nearby area, it should attract students to the park. The growing sport already has 490 courses in Michigan, and now 491.

Brinker said the department is hosting a fundraiser in September, and hopes the course will be installed in Spring of 2022.

Learn more about Holly Township Parks at https://hollyparks.org.

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