Royal Oak Youth Assistance Chairperson Shares Passion for Helping Kids

Royal Oak Youth Assistance Chairperson Shares Passion for Helping Kids

(Sam Lynch, Royal Oak Youth Assistance Board Chairperson and Royal Oak Oakland Elementary School Principal)

Royal Oak, MI – I am an unbelievably lucky guy who gets more and more aware of that fact with each passing year.  Having grown up in Royal Oak I was afforded countless opportunities from my parents to experience new things and grow as a person, which continues to impact me well into middle age.  My wife and I are also incredibly fortunate to be able to do the same for our three children.  Be it things we have been able to do as a family, or the wide variety of activities that they have been able to participate in as individuals, I can unequivocally say that we are all living lives seeped in richness.  I would truly ask nothing more in life and will be eternally grateful for all those that have played a part in this along the way.

Part of my rich experience has been the chance to spend the better part of the last three decades working in education.  And while I have seen more acts of generosity and inspiration from educators than I could ever count, and been truly touched by every kid/family that I have ever met, I have also become acutely aware of of the disparities between the charmed life that my family and I have led and the struggles that many hard working and loving families have endured in their journey.  This is the driving reason behind my advocacy for Royal Oak Youth Assistance (ROYA).

It is a fundamental belief of mine that every kid should be given opportunities to grow and succeed.  And growth doesn’t just happen in school.  Growth happens on athletic teams and in music lessons.  Growth happens in drama clubs and martial arts and summer camps.  Growth happens in a myriad of ways given the diversity of kids and families that exists in our world.

The support of a community is also needed to promote the aforementioned growth.  This support comes through family and individual counseling.  It also comes through financial support for basic survival needs.  It comes from giving kids the resources they need to perform in school.  It comes through mentoring kids.  It comes through recognizing kids for the good that they do in this world.

All of this is deeply recognized and addressed by ROYA.  We are a volunteer driven organization that works in conjunction with the schools, city, and courts to try and make the lives of our kids and their families better.  Our focus is simply helping these kids and families and nothing more, and wholeheartedly welcome any like minded individuals or organizations who are interested in being a part of what we do, be it through financial support or rolling up their sleeves to help us do what we do.

For anyone who would like more information about ROYA, I strongly urge you to take a look at the link below.

Royal Oak Youth Assistance

Amongst other information on the site, the first page contains our annual stakeholder letter which lays out specifics about all of the wonderful work that this group has done over the last year.  There is also a link to donate for any who are so inclined and contact information is included on the site as well.  I do hope that many of those who have taken the time to read this article will also take the time to learn more about what ROYA does and how they might be able to help.  I guarantee that you will find the experience rewarding and fulfilling.

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