Barricaded Gunman, on Parole, Arrested in Waterford
(Waterford Police Chief Scott Underwood, April 23, 2021)
At approximately 5:00am this morning, Waterford Police were called to a home on Lakeview Street regarding a domestic assault.
It was reported that the thirty-four (34) year old male resident had assaulted his mother. The mother fled the home and the male suspect was still inside, with a female friend, and armed with a handgun.
Upon arrival, Officers heard several gunshots from within the house. Officers set up a perimeter and attempted to establish contact by phone but were unsuccessful.
Over the next several hours Waterford Police continued to attempt phone contact.
During that time, Officers heard another gunshot from within the house. At approximately 9:00am, the female friend was able to exit the home. She told police the suspect had been drinking heavily and that he was passed out inside the home, which presented the opportunity for her to flee. Neither the female friend nor the suspect’s mother were struck by gunfire.
Members of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team arrived to assist, taking up the inner perimeter while Waterford Police continued to secure the outer perimeter. Parole Agents from the Michigan Department of Corrections were also on hand, as the suspect is currently on parole.
SWAT Team members approached the house and were able to establish communication. After some negotiation, the suspect exited the front door and was taken into custody. A handgun was recovered inside the house, Waterford Police Detectives are processing the scene, and the investigation is ongoing.
The facts of this case will be presented to the Oakland County Prosecutors Office for their review and consideration of charges.
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