Reporter Food: Rick’s on the Lake
Lake Orion, MI – Rick’s on the Lake does have some darn good pizza. But before I get into that, I’d like to write about the drive to get there. I’m from Ferndale, so when a reader suggested I should check this place out, I assumed it would be it the bustling Lake Orion Downtown.
But no, to get this darn good pizza, one must also make an interesting drive off the main streets (on a journey that also happens to end at Ferndale Street).
I came from the north after a hike, and took Heights Road, which is this itty bitty narrow road winds through a neighborhood of eclectic houses – from tiny cabins to giant houses – all packed close together for the most lake views. Right across the street from Rick’s is  a spot in the lake where neighborhood families use the ice for hockey.  I can’t even imagine the bustle of this neighborhood come summertime, and it’s fun that this clean, simple party store is right in the middle of it all to keep everyone full of soda and other beverages, and… pizza!
The Rick’s Supreme is an easy way to order, giving patrons a choice of five sides. I opted for the pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green olive and green pepper. Other choices are sausage, ham, black olive, pineapple and banana pepper.
Rick’s is also known for their breakfast pizza, which might warrant a second review. This comes topped with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, ham, sausage, onion, green pepper, bacon and cheese. This neighborhood spot also serves up hot dogs, coneys, subs, sandwiches, nachos, and spaghetti.
With a price of just $5.50 for a small it was hard to pass up giving their baked spaghetti a try. I heated it up in the oven the next day and it made a great easy meal with plenty for leftovers.
Rick’s on the Lake is located at 511 Heights Road in Lake Orion. Ordering online is easy and delivery is available locally. Check out their website at www.RicksPartyStore.com
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