Rock Thrown Through Resident’s Window in Ferndale
(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 9, 2020)
Ferndale, MI – At about 10:20 pm on Sept. 10, a Ferndale resident had a rock thrown through their window. According to police, the woman has previously had her home shot by paintballs, and believes it was related to having a Trump sign in her front yard.
Ferndale Police Community Liaison Jill Mahlmeister posted about the incident on social media, stating “Imagine sitting inside your home at night only to be shocked and frightened by the loud crash of your front window being shattered by a rock. This happened last night in our community. It appears this destructive act was motivated by political views. This type of intimidation and damage is a crime. Political, religious, and ideological expressions are a cornerstone of our country’s freedoms—please be respectful and if you disagree with others views do so with civility.”
In a follow-up email Mahlmeister stated there was not a suspect at this time.  She also said “This isn’t the first time a suspect has attacked her house. Two previous incidents last month where a suspect shot paintballs at her house. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the street. I don’t want to draw any more attention to the house.”
In August a woman with a Confederate flag and numerous Republican political signs had her home shot by paintballs. Without knowing the location of Thursday’s incident, we cannot say if the incidents are related.
Anyone with information about this or other similar incidents is asked to contact the Ferndale Police at (248) 541-3650.