As a Fox from Troy Finds Sanctuary,  A Reminder They Are Not Pets

As a Fox from Troy Finds Sanctuary,  A Reminder They Are Not Pets

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 8, 2020)

Troy, Romeo, MI – A fox named Ash has a new life with the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) after being surrendered by it’s owner in Troy to Oakland County Animal Control.  This parting of ways serves as a teachable moment: a fox is not as fun as one might think.

“You have to remember that fox are a wild animal, and although they are very cute, without the proper environment for them you are really not doing them any favors keeping them as pets,” said Joanie Toole who works for the Animal Control division.

DAWG posted about bringing the creature into their sanctuary, and the problems most people don’t consider when trying to keep a fox as a pet.

“This is our fourth “pet” fox that was surrendered because the owners could not legally have it where they lived or it was too much for them,” the rescue group, which has 100 volunteers, shared.

“Please do your research before buying any pet. Foxes require a lot of care to be happy and healthy. They need a large secure outside enclosure for health and exercise. They can climb and dig so it must be very secure.

“They do not potty train well and their urine smells like skunks. They take extensive work to make them social and able to handle or they will bite.

“They will take your belongings and bury them. They require annual veterinary care and vaccines.

“Their diet should include mice and quail which can be very expensive. They need heart worm prevention monthly.  Unfortunately many exotic pet dealers sell to anyone so these poor animals end up places they should not be.”

Shortly after taking Ash to DAWG, the County had two more turned in.

“This too happened in threes; just like everything else in life.  We received two more on Aug. 27,” Toole told Oakland County Times.  “The other two we do not know that much about, however will be transferring them to the same sanctuary.”

DAWG is based in Romeo, boasting a 25 acre farm with a dog kennel, heated barn for farm animals, and enclosures for wildlife rehabilitation.  Featured on their website are horses, pigs, chickens, racoon, goats, deer, dogs, and more.

It’s just one of several organizations that Oakland County Animal Control turns to when there are animals beyond the scope of the typical cats and dogs that come into their care.  “We work with the Howell Nature Center and Drayton Plains Nature Center a lot, they are wonderful.  The fox was taken to DAWG, who is licensed through the Department of Natural Resources for captive game,” Toole said.

Foxes aren’t the only odd animal finds.  “Most common that are not the norm are birds, snakes, ferrets, rabbits,” Toole said.  “We have seen a prairie dog, monkey, lizards, alligators and a cougar.”

Most people whom are selling these types of animals are doing them a disservice if they do not screen adopters and see where these animals are going.  Unfortunately most are in it for the money,” she said.

For those who are looking for a pet, both Oakland County Animal Control’s Pet Adoption Center, and DAWG have a variety of cats and dogs to chose from.  DAWG also has potbellied pigs and ducks which can be adopted in certain areas.

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