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Virgo Room Psychic Loves Historic Holly Location

Virgo Room Psychic Loves Historic Holly Location

(Lara Mossa, May 13, 2019)

Holly, MI – Alicia Schneider was 7 years old when she saw her first spirit.

She remembers being in her childhood home standing in the hallway outside her bedroom when she saw a man. She saw him for a few seconds before he walked into another room.  When she checked the room, no one was there.

He never spoke a word.  But a few days later her neighbor showed her a picture of her great-grandfather who had passed away.  She said that he was the man she’d seen in the hallway.

“I was very young and obviously didn’t understand what was happening,” Schneider said. “But that always stuck with me.”

Schneider, 30, of Linden has had the gift of seeing spirits all her life, she said. And now she has turned those visions into a full-time business.

Offering services as a psychic, Schneider opened Virgo Room in September. Located at the Vintage Farm House in downtown Holly, she helps people connect with loved ones who have passed away and provides spiritual life coaching.

“I believe it was a gift from God,” Schneider said. “What I’m most known for is my mediumship.”

Schneider explained that she was raised in a religious household in Swartz Creek, so it took her awhile to feel comfortable with her gift. As a teenager, she remembers knowing facts about her friends without being told. In addition, every house she lived in seemed to be haunted. It took her awhile to realize the spirits were following her, she said.

Schneider’s original plan was to be a Spanish teacher. She worked in real estate for a few years before being called to her passion. A couple years ago, she started doing readings for people professionally.

“My whole life I knew that I had a gift and could do things that a lot of people couldn’t do,” she said. “I just jumped right in and knew I was on the right path.”

Schneider’s prices range from $25 for a 15-minute psychic reading to $45 for a 30-minute session and $60 for 45 minutes. Walk-ins cost a little more including $30 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30. She also does parties either on site or in here mystically-decorated space upstairs in the Vintage Farmhouse.

In addition, she does events.  A psychic fair planned for June 1 will include massage therapists, retail vendors and reiki healers who use positive energy to heal different parts of a person’s body.

Although she reads Tarot cards, Schneider said that is not her preferred method.

It’s easy for her to conjure spirits, she said. They usually come in with their loved ones and she can either see them, hear them or see pictures about them. The visions tell her information about the person who comes to see her – about their health, jobs, relationships and children. With her spiritual life coaching, she can evaluate what’s going on with people and tap into their intuitions and gifts to enrich or improve their life.

Schneider loves her job, she said, because she helps people.

“When people leave my shop the most follow-up emails I receive are that they feel so much lighter and so much happier and ready to take on life,” she added.

Besides doing readings, Schneider has a retail shop and sells crystals, sage, candles and jewelry, which all have metaphysical powers. Crystals can be worn around your neck or in your pocket and are said to have different energies that can help you heal. Sage is used to cleanse your space of bad energy.

Schneider particularly likes being in downtown Holly, because there is a lot of history and haunted places there. The Vintage Farm House,  where Virgo Room is located, has been both a brothel and a coffin factory.  Nearby is the historic Holly Hotel which has a page on their website featuring the history of their reported hauntings.

“Holly has great energy,” she said. “I think the people from Holly are ready for spiritual stuff…I love the history of Holly. It’s very colorful.”

Schneider and her husband Paul have two children. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Virgo Room is located at 310 S. Broad Street, upstairs in The Vintage Farm House. For more information, go to

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