Reporter Food: Grand Re-Opening of Como’s

Reporter Food: Grand Re-Opening of Como’s

(Crystal A. Proxmire May 5, 2019)

Ferndale, MI – Monday will be the public grand re-opening of Como’s restaurant at 22812 Woodward Ave in Ferndale.  The restaurant was purchased by Peas and Carrots Hospitality and has been gutted, remodeled, given a new facade,  and graced with a new menu that  gives a nod to the Italian meals of Como’s past.

This weekend was the charity preview, benefiting Brilliant Detroit, Ruth Ellis Center, and Ferndale Pride. A friend and I sipped our fancy drinks and took in the details of the place.

The chairs are a mix of wicker and baby blue and the ceiling has a wicker pattern to it as well.  The wall between the restaurant and the patio has had windows added, and the whole place is much more open than in the past. The mural of Scrabble words, the windows full of tropical plants, and the use of blue-covered books as decorations all resonated with my geeky writer side and the food was pretty good too.

My friend had an Old Fashioned made with Jim Beam bourbon, sugar, orange bitters, and Traverse City Cherry.  I had the Shipwrecked which came in a tall tiki glass with a bright paper straw, a slice of orange, and a plastic palm tree stirrer.

We ordered and shared a Caesar salad and roasted cauliflower to start.  The cauliflower came topped with honey-almond butter, chilies, raisins, hazelnuts and capers which gave a rather complex taste experience.

The pizza at the new Como’s is definitely different.  Among the offerings are the LGBT pizza with leaves of spinach, garlic, bacon, and tomato.  The Joshua J. is made with pepperoni, jalapeno, and honey.

We had “The Granny” – a deep dish four-sliced pie with super gooey crust, topped with pepperoni, mushroom, and caramelized onion.  Someone on staff explained that care is taken to “dollop” the sauce on rather than pouring it.  “That way you get different tastes.  It makes these pockets of flavor.  When you spread it around every bite just tastes the same,” they said.

Prices are higher than their predecessor, and those looking for nostalgia may miss some old favorites, but for those seeking something new, Como’s opens Monday evening to the public. No website yet, but learn more at Facebook.

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