Farmer Nate and Animal Friends Visit Ferndale Lower Elementary

Farmer Nate and Animal Friends Visit Ferndale Lower Elementary

(Crystal Proxmire, April 19, 2019)

Ferndale, MI – The kids in Ferndale’s Lower Elementary had some special guests Tuesday.  Nate Perkins, known to children as “Farmer Nate,” of Upland Hills Farm in Oxford spent the day teaching kids at Ferndale’s Lower Elementary about animals and life on a farm.

He taught them about the way animals are raised for food, how eggs come from chickens, and beef comes from cows, and how butter comes from milk, etc.  “It’s amazing what children know, and what they don’t know,” Farmer Nate said.  “Every school is different, so it’s like every time we come out and do this it’s different.

“They ask good questions too.  Mabel, the cow, is pregnant and this child knew all about the umbilical cord. It was such in-depth knowledge at such a young age!”

“But there’s also a lot of children who don’t even know that meat comes from a cow.  Or they may know that, but if you ask them how that happens, they don’t know,” Farmer Nate said. “They don’t see the connection between food and animals and farms.  Some of the places we go to the 7-11 is the only grocery store. This is our way of connecting them to the farms.”

Upland Hills is located in Oxford at 481 Lake George Rd.  A menagerie of animals travels with Farmer Nate, visiting schools throughout SE Michigan 3-4 times a week in the month of April. Through the spring, summer, and fall, Upland Hills offers tours of the farm for schoolchildren, and special days when they are open to the public.  Among the animals are cows, sheep, horses, turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese.

Amy Pomereau’s Montessori Classroom of grades 1-3 was among the groups of kids that got introduced to Farmer Nate and friends.  “Any time we can come and touch, and see, and learn first had is so important for them,” Pomereau said.

She said she’d be tying the visit into lessons on economics, in their studies on Michigan, and learning about how animals help provide food and clothing.  “This helps make it memorable for them,” she said.

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