Sales Coach Frank Driscoll Shares Tips for Motivation and Social Media

Sales Coach Frank Driscoll Shares Tips for Motivation and Social Media

(Crystal A. Proxmire, March 6, 2019)

Ferndale, MI – Frank Driscoll starts every day off with success.

“I wake up, right off the bat, I close my eyes and I start to think.  I’m in my car. In my driveway.  I go in.  I hug my little children. The house smells good, like good food.  The house is my dream house.  I hug my kids. I kiss my wife.  I go to my office.  It’s designed nice.  I picked all the stuff I wanted, so when I visualize it, it won’t just be vague.  It has to be specific.  Pick out specific things.  Find the furniture you want. The art.  I visualize being ready to work.  Looking at the computer.  Looking at my bank account and seeing a nice big balance.”

He said he spends five minutes with his dreams, focusing on exactly what he is working for.

Then he pauses to start over, visualizing his day.  “Start thinking of the most important task of the day,” Driscoll said. “And visualize accomplishing it.”

Driscoll is a Real Estate coach from Gilbert, Arizona who came to Michigan to spend a recent Saturday morning at the Ferndale Area District Library training agents from M-1 Realty as well as some other creative entrepreneurial guests.  While his advice was geared toward Real Estate professionals, there were take-aways for anyone looking to accomplish a goal.

The number one rule, he said, is “You’ve gotta care.”

Using the head of M-1 Realty Derek Werenka as an example, Driscoll said “I care about Derek.  I care about his family.  I want him to do well.  It’s not just about the commission, it’s about caring. When you see your client happy, it makes you happy too.  It’s hard to do sales if you don’t have a passion for what you’re doing.  Love it, and work hard to be the best at it.”

Making money can be a motivator, but one also has to understand what that money and success does for them. What are they really working for? For Driscoll that motivation is his family, and providing a good home and some fun memories. He thinks about vacations, or home upgrades, and works towards them.

Sometimes, people think they’re working towards their goal, but they’re not giving it their all.  “Don’t get stuck in enjoying the freedom.”  He said some people will have one or two meetings and think that’s a full day. “I know how it is.  I love my freedom. I love being able to come and go, leisurely drink my coffee, work from the couch.  I get it. That’s easy to fall into,” Driscoll said.  “I want to see the best version of myself, and I am going to work for it.”

There are ways to stay focused.  For Dricsoll that means making a schedule the night before, dividing his day down to the quarter hours. And at the end of the day he gives himself a grade A-F for how he did on each task. This layer of accountability helps him stay on task.

He also writes down his goal at least twice every day.  “Don’t set goals that aren’t realistic,” he said.  “Pick goals you can achieve and staircase up.”

Making sales calls can be challenging even for seasoned professionals.  “It’s hard because you’re getting all that rejection.  It hurts. We’re taking punches,” Driscoll said.  “We want it to be hard, because that is how we get good… The more I fail, the better I get.”

Social media is also an important part of the Real Estate profession, and Driscoll’s tips had everyone in the room ready to whip out their phone and start looking at their capacity for networking differently.

In particular he focused on how groups can be used to bring communities of people together – whether geographic neighbors, or people with shared interests. If someone loves playing board games, for example, they could join an online group and get to know people who have that same interest.  “Every person I meet is an opportunity,” he said.

Driscoll started the Cold Calling Closers Facebook group as a way to connect agents throughout the country to share ideas, inspiration, motivation, and things they’re learning. He also does one on one coaching with people like Werenka to help them hone their skills to better serve their clients and better build their businesses.

“Having one of the top coaches in the Real Estate industry in our office for almost three full days was invaluable for my agents,” Werenka said.  “The best thing about Frank is that he really cares about people and about helping them perform at the top of their game.”

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