Explore: American Commerce Centre Nature Preserve in Southfield

Explore: American Commerce Centre Nature Preserve in Southfield

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Dec. 28, 2018)

Southfield, MI – A privately-owned public space set aside for natural preservation in the midst of a commerce park was a delightful find on my quest to explore Oakland County.

American Commerce Centre Nature Preserve at 26495 American Drive in Southfield is a quaint little oasis made up mainly of a wooden walkway through an 18.9 acre patch of wetlands. 

In just a few minutes’ stroll, one walks through tall golden reeds that rustle in the wind, and over a pond with trees growing out through the water.  Beyond the scenic space, guests can see the tall buildings where large companies get business done.

This is a place for a few moments of connecting with nature with the heights of the city in sight.  For municipal governance nerds like me, it is also a place to admire the planning involved in creating a pocket of the city where developers left interesting spaces for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the American Commerce Centre Nature Preserve, Pebble Creek Park is also off American Drive, just up the street from the Preserve.  When I visited, Pebble Creek Park was closed for the season, but hopefully I can come back and check it out in the spring.

For more about parks in Southfield, visit the Southfield Parks and Recreation website.

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