On Giving Tuesday, Remember Local Journalism

On Giving Tuesday, Remember Local Journalism

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 27, 2018)

Giving Tuesday is a time to consider what causes matter to you.

Oakland County Times is a place for many of the things that matter to our readers.

If you believe in the power of independent journalism to keep citizens informed about what’s happening in their local governments, to shed light on important topics, and to separate the fact from fiction we see on social media – then please support our work.

If you think stories of local groups and people doing good in the community help us all to aim higher, and help those efforts succeed – then please support our work.

If you think democracy is important and you see the value of a nonpartisan, informative articles during election season and through the year – then please support our work.

If you think local news should be presented by local, trusted reporters and not giant corporate chains – then please support our work.

Support Oakland County Times by making a contribution towards our operating expenses.  A “thank you” flower costs $15 per month.  You can chip in any amount and we’ll spread that out for however many months is appropriate. You can also set up a monthly payment to help add financial stability on a month to month basis.

Currently Oakland County Times is a community-minded small business running on a budget of about $25,000 per year.  Our goal is to make this website a robust and consistent source of quality news and information for all of Oakland County. A budget of $50,000 would allow us to include more writers, cover more of what matters to local communities, and to do more of the in-depth journalism that makes a difference. Even small contributions add up towards this goal

Please consider the value of this website, and chip in what you can.

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