Reporter Food: Hand Pulled Beef Noodle at Noodletopia
(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 16, 2018)
Madison Heights, MI – If you are looking for a meal of authentic Chinese hand made noodles, there is a place called Noodletopia at 30120 John R. in Madison Heights. Noodletopia’s menu is refreshingly simple – with basic noodle dishes and the option to add in items.
I ordered the hand pulled beef noodle which came with beef shank slices, white radish, cilantro and green onions in a beef broth, with a fried egg added on.  I learned that beef shank comes from the leg of cows, and that it is tougher than other cuts.  It was sliced thin and seemed a perfect fit for this dish.
I also learned the Noodletopia hand makes their noodles fresh onsite, in view of their guests.  The difference in quality is noticeable, with these house-made noodles being more hearty than those that simply come in a box waiting to be boiled.
I was there for a meeting, and my fellow diner had the Szechuan noodle which included ground pork, soybeans, garlic, peanuts, Sichuan pickle, green veggie, cilantro, green onion and sesame in a beef broth. This was spicy enough to make their face turn red and sweat when they ate it, which I’m told is a good thing.
Another item on the menu caught my eye – Sea Salt Cheese Tea.  This is chilled black tea with a sweet and salty layer of foam made with cream cheese, cream and salt. Stirred together makes for a creamy and delicious take on tea that I’m already missing.
Check out more about Noodletopia (or Noodle Topia depending on where you look) online at www.noodletopiami.com
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