Reporter Food: Fish & Chips, Greek Salad at Earl’s Diner
(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 3, 2018)
Ferndale, MI- East Side Ferndale has a new diner, called Earl’s.  Located at 1861 E 9 Mile Rd, it’s a cozy family restaurant with a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items.
A friend and I went for a weekday lunch.  She had the Greek Salad and I had the fish and chips.
“I’d give this one an ‘A,’” my friend said.  “The dressing is good.  I don’t like when dressing is too sweet. I’d have this again.”
As far as the fish and chips, it was a good meal. The batter was golden and greasy, and the fries were the thicker cut style found at many mom and pops. Not much seems to have changed in the décor or in the food selection from the previous restaurant in that space, the Double EE.
Find out more about Earl’s Diner at https://earlsdinerferndale.com/
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