Explore: Douglas Evans Nature Preserve

Explore: Douglas Evans Nature Preserve

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 1, 2018)

Beverly Hills, MI -A recent adventure in Beverly Hills put me in the middle of an 18 acre nature preserve that has the most beautiful insects, and a pretty walking path.

With fields of flowers and patches of woods along the Rouge River, there were plenty of places for tiny creatures to feel safe.  A gigantic yellow and green garden spider hung out in it’s web strung between two goldenrod plants.  Along the path were several orb spiders, and blending in to the tree bark was a four inch fishing spider.  There were also fuzzy caterpillars, moths and butterflies.

But the most unique find was an area of the woods infested with woolly aphids. These tiny creatures have backs of straggly white fuzz. Huddled together it looks like the branches are wearing fur coats. They cover branches and leaves, standing out brightly against the brown and greens of the surrounding nature.

In the midst of this natural area is a man-made dam that serves as a canvas for local taggers. The bright colors of graffiti are an unexpected surprise in an otherwise undisturbed area.

Douglas Evans Nature Preserve is located on Evergreen Road north of 13 Mile. According to the Village of Beverly Hills website “The property was donated to the Village in 1973 with the restrictions prohibiting any developments. One exception was granted in 1992 when the Combined Sewer Overflow tank and control building were constructed. Special permission was granted from the donor and the natural area was restored after construction.  The site has been studied by numerous ecologists who note the value of the native plant species in the preserve.”

Info on the Douglas Evans Nature Preserve can be found at the Beverly Hills website.

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