Waterford Police Seek Volunteers for Hope Not Handcuffs Addiction Recovery Program
Waterford, MI – Waterford Police have committed to participation in the Hope Not handcuffs initiative. Hope Not Handcuffs is an initiative of Families Against Narcotics. The program is aimed at bringing law enforcement, community organizations, and individuals seeking assistance together in an effort to reduce dependency with heroin and prescription opioids.
Anyone struggling with drug addiction will be able to come into the Waterford Police Department and ask for help with their addiction. Officers will gather preliminary information, provide a waiting space, and contact a Hope Not Handcuffs Angel Coordinator.
An “Angel” volunteer will respond to the Waterford Police Department within fifteen to twenty minutes, gather appropriate intake information, and assist the individual in finding an appropriate treatment option.
Since Hope Not Handcuffs launched in 2015, they have placed over nine hundred individual in treatment and there are over thirty police agencies currently participating in the initiative.
Before we can launch the program in Waterford, we must have volunteers willing to be trained and commit some of their time as an on-call “Angel”. We are committed to Hope Not Handcuffs and believe it’s an important piece in the overall battle against heroin and opoid addiction.
For more information and to volunteer as a Hope Not Handcuffs “Angel”, contact a HNH Angel coordinator at 833-202-HOPE or visit their website at www.hopenothandcuffs.com
Scott Underwood
Chief of Police
NOTE: Read more about Hope Not Handcuffs in our previous story looking at the program in Holly and Ferndale HERE. Troy Police have also announced adopting the program.