2017 Candidate Interview: Royal Oak Mayor Mike Fournier

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 18, 2017)

Royal Oak, MI –  Royal Oak Mayor Michael “Mike” Fournier was appointed from the Commission to the Mayor’s Seat earlier this year when former Mayor Jim Ellison left to serve as State Representative.  Now Fournier is up for election as Mayor, and he is being challenged for the seat by Mike Skinner.

Fournier was first elected to the Commission in 2011. He’s also served on the Library Board and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and been a volunteer in his children’s schools.  He works in sales for a Tier 1 automotive company.

When asked why people should vote for him, Mayor Fournier said “It comes down to a few simple things. One, the results that we’ve achieved over the last six years since I’ve been in office I think have pretty self-explanatory. Number two, I have a number of years’ of experience serving the community going back to the time when I was on the Parks and Recreation Board and the Library Board. And finally, you know, if you go back look at my literature even from back six years ago, I commit and I fulfill the promises I make. Back then I committed we were going to make public safety the number one priority for this community, and I can tell you, again, we’ve been designated as one of the safest cities in the country, and crime rates are an historical low. We increased our police ranks from the low 50s up to 79 sworn officers. So I think those are the three primary reasons people should look to vote for me.”


Hear more of what Mayor Fournier had to say:

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