Bicycle Safety Reminders

Bicycle Safety Reminders

(Jerry Walker, Village of Holly Manager, Aug. 21, 2017)

What a fun-filled summer we have had in the village, with lots of events and activities for all.  I have enjoyed seeing many people use the bike lanes to get around.  As we continue to use the bike lanes, here are some tips to stay safe from the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

• Ride predictably, consistently and attentively. • Stay to the right, but don’t hug the curb. • While you are not required to use them, bike lanes and shoulders are often the safest place to ride, especially where motor vehicle speeds exceed 45 MPH or heavy traffic is present. When they are not present, properly engineered, maintained, or if traffic conditions warrant, “take the lane”. Position yourself as if you were a car by riding in the right wheel track of motorized traffic. This places you within the motorists’ field of vision and allows you space to move away from traffic to avoid debris, hazards such as car doors opening when parallel parking is present, and “crowding” by other vehicles. Riding here also properly positions you to make left turns or to pass other road users.

• When riding two abreast, be mindful of the other roadway users and single up when it is safe for others to pass. You may never ride more than two abreast. Remember, sharing the road is a twoway street. • Never ride against traffic (on the left side of the road). You may, however, ride with traffic in the far left lane on one-way streets. 

• When stopping for a rest or emergency, move completely off the road and into the shoulder. • At intersections, make eye contact with drivers. A simple head nod can help ensure they acknowledge your presence. • Many railroad tracks cross roads diagonally. To prevent catching your tire in the track, especially under wet conditions, always cross at a right angle.

• When moving out into the travel lane, look behind you first, and signal your move to the left when clear.


Check out the entire booklet on “What Every MI Bicyclist Must Know” here :

 What Every MI Bicyclist Must Know

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