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(Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 1, 2016)
Detroit, MI – Deborah Thomas is one of three candidates for Michigan Supreme Court, which is a nonpartisan position.  She is running against Kerry L. Morgan and incumbent Joan Larsen.
Thomas has been a Judge in the Third Judicial Circuit Court in Wayne County for 21 years, and for 16 years prior was an attorney.
Go Comedy Ad leafy greenWhen asked why people should vote for her, Judge Thomas said “Of the three, I have the most experience. I have a restorative justice platform. I think that when people come to the courthouse they should leave in better shape than when they arrived. There are seven justices total on the Michigan Supreme Court. Out of the seven, none of them lives, works, plays, and prays in a city. We have more than a million and a half people in Michigan cities, who don’t have a voice at the table at the highest court in the state. Some folks would call that taxation without representation. I think a million and a half people have to have a voice at the table. Justice for all the people all the time.”
In her interview with OC115, Judge Thomas talked about her work giving free educational workshops around the state and starting Veteran’s Court in Wayne County.  She said she hopes to bring specialized courts to other communities through the state like drug treatment courts, Veteran’s court, and solutions for victims of human trafficking.

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Learn more about this candidate’s campaign at http://www.judgedeborahthomas.com/.