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2016 Candidate Interview Incumbents of West Bloomfield Twp. Library Board

essentialTOPtempBoysGirls_trait_012016 Candidate Interview Incumbents of West Bloomfield Twp. Library Boardgallowaycollens1

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Oct. 15, 2016)

West Bloomfield Township, MI – There are seven people running for six seats on the West Bloomfield Township Library Board.  Incumbents Karen Eickmeyer, Judith A. Holtz, Carol A. Kravetz, Ken Macon, Thomas Meyer and Wendy Bidgood are running to keep their seats, while Carol Foster is running in hopes of replacing one of them.

The oc115 sat down with four of the six incumbents for an introduction interview.

Judy_Palmer30yearsBoard President Ken Macon said that the current board members work well together.  “This is something we put our heart and soul into,” he said.

Vice President Judith Holtz has served since 1992.   “I’ve been a reader all my life.  To me reading is the greatest skill you can have and the library is your doorway to all the esperiences you may not be able to do in reality, all the places you may not be able to afford to visit, all the people you may not meet.  And the library embodies that aura and opportunity so its important to me to make sure that the public library always exists” Holtz said.

In the interview each candidate talked about why it’s important to them to serve on the board.  Macon explained what the library board does.  Holtz described the accomplishments of the board.  Kravetz talked about what they hope to accomplish moving forward.  And Osthaus and the others gave reasons why they think the public should vote the incumbents back in.

“The public library is one of the most democratic institutions we have along with the public schools.  It reaches everyone and benefits everyone, so it’s important to me to serve the institution,” Osthaus said.

Kravetz said “I consider the library to be both the heart and soul of the city of West Bloomfield and I think that’s our job, to see that their needs are met.”

Check out our Elections Section  for other candidate interviews, or use the search bar at the top to find stories for your community.garden16_pamela_williams

All candidates are invited to do an interview and we are doing our best to connect.  If you are a candidate that needs information, please email us at

This post will be updated with the links to the interviews of other candidates as they become available.

The oc115 is a nonpartisan news source and interviews are done to help voters get to meet their candidates. We do not endorse any candidates, and statements made in candidate interviews are not fact-checked, though if we know of any errors we will include them in our story.

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Learn more about the West Bloomfield Township Library at

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