Ferndale Library Explores Salem Witch Trials Oct. 27

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Get into the Halloween spirit with this enlightening new program on witchcraft at the Ferndale Area District Library on Thu, Oct 27. We often throw around the phrase “mass hysteria,” but the earliest and most memorable legitimate occurrence in American History has to be the Salem Witch Trials of 1691.

So what happened? How much of it was fact? How much was fiction? Join the Ferndale Library and the Boston Tea Room to explore the main cause of this mania.

Most of us have only a vague understanding of our fascinating history surrounding the Salem Witch Trials in the late 1600s. Join us for an evening of uncovering the truth behind the legend. What was really going on in the small Puritan community that would lead neighbors to turn on one another and demand the violent execution of people they had known all their lives? Could there be a lesson for our own future within this tragic tale? Learn the history and context of this famous period of mass hysteria, and explore what is says about our human nature, and our modern quest for tolerance.

This is an ideal event for Halloween, guaranteeing a worthwhile seasonally-themed discussion that will candlewickshoppeADbluedip into our unbelievably-true macabre past while also providing some insight into the development of human understanding. Heatherleigh Navarre from the Boston Tea Room will present an exploratory discussion of the history of Salem during that tumultuous year. The descriptions will likely be a bit too stark for youngsters, so it is recommended for more mature audiences.


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